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Clarissa Westwood
Why are you standing?: 

Hello, I am Clarissa Westwood studying MSc Crime and Forensic Science at UCL. I understand the difficulty in securing favourable and affordable accommodation in London, as well as adapting to environmental changes. I advocate to share this burden with you and provide you the care you deserve. Studying is demanding and we don’t need housing and bill problems on top. I will work closely with student advice to provide legal expertise and #cuttherent campaign with the ultimate aim to provide all students with a safe home away from home.

Having lived in both student and private accommodation myself, I’ll be able to provide advice on landlord queries; how to pay the correct bills and additional tips on how to rent. I would like to extend my services by creating a forum for your voice to be heard, on any housing queries and feedback, this platform will also allow students to look for flatmates for the next academic year.

If elected, I will also be hosting weekly drop-ins at the Student Centre. This allows you to talk to me in person as well as meet someone new! Individual appointments can also be set up to address any personal/housing issue. (I.e. Housing for the following year; Angst/Tension with flatmates; Dealing with Academic stress; Loneliness and mental health issues; Sudden need to switch housing etc.)

I’m here to help, there’s no matter too small! I would be easily contactable via iMessage; WhatsApp; Instagram; Facebook messenger.