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Chun Cho
Why are you standing?: 

Wagwarn my Astor College bredrin. I stand for hall rep not to promise impractical ideas, but to represent our college’s view as a whole by implementing realistic changes. Listed below are a select few of my proposals:

1 ) Shuttle Bus:

- Free weekly minibuses chartered to and from Camden Town Lidl to promote budget friendly shopping.

2) Socials:

- Extra-collegiate activities: Sign-up sheets to locations such as the National Gallery and Tate Modern for you to link with like-minded “Astorians” and go on wild excursions.

- Intercollegiate activities: Bi-monthly themed events such as a “Come-as-your-favourite-meme-night” and a “Kitchen-crawl” to promote interfloor mixing, in addition to a Winter Ball.

3) Bins:

- Larger bins to reduce overflow

- More frequent bin collections in kitchens

- Get rid of the stanky odour that haunts the lift lobby (some febreze ain’t hard).

4) Efficient Maintenance:

- Aim to ensure maintenance issues (such as a broken lift (or 2)) are solved within 2 days

I look forward to helping turn your first year of university into a banging year. I’m always available for a cuppa, so swing by 44K (room 444) anytime my g’s.

If you’re intrigued and excited by at least one of my ideas, drop us a cheeky vote ;)