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Chenchen Zhao
Why are you standing?: 

Hey! I’m Chenchen from China. Ever since the first hall party have I deeply fallen in love with our accommodation. I love how diverse and international we are, speaking different language, dressing different style, sharing different experience, but with same passion towards university. Though our room may not be the best, the fact that sharing kitchen and bathroom brings me can’t be even closer to my amazing flat-mates. And I really enjoyed how we gathered in the small common room to get ourselves a bit drunk before the party. I love this place so much that I want to contribute to make everyone enjoy their stay as much as I do.

As I am a new comer yo London, I am not that familiar with the culture, festival or social media, but I am willing to learn and embrace. With your help, I hope we can build the most supportive community and best parties. Also, as a Chinese, I want to invite you all to join and celebrate spring festival with me. I am sure we will have so much fun.

Hall representative is not just about fun but also responsibility. Candidates last year brought up issue such as gym and recycle and now we are facing a burning issue with hot water. Please let me know your opinion, I will look into them and take them seriously. Together, let’s make LC& FG the place we want to live in ;)