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Anna Golova
Why are you standing?: 

Hey guys!

My name is Anna. I’ve got to say, I love it here at Schafer. The people are incredibly nice and supportive and therefore I would love to give back in whatever way I can! Whether its scrubbing sharpie marks off tables or organizing pizza socials, I believe everybody here deserves to have the best living experience possible and I will make that happen!

Here are some ideas:

Social events: Poker nights, film screenings and buffet dinner are just a fraction of what is possible. With such events I would like to create a sense of community in our halls. And since I don’t plan on starting a dictatorship, I would like your guys' contribution about ideas with online polls!

Sustainability: In the common room, there is a great trash separation system. Why shouldn’t we have that in our kitchens too? Furthermore, we have enough space for a compost garden outside. Let’s strive for a clean future at Schafer and Prankerd.

Support: Exploring the option of getting additional funding is top-priority for me. University is expensive and there should be support for those in need!

If you agree with what I’m saying, please vote for me!