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Alexia Koch
Why are you standing?: 

My name is Alexia Koch, I am a third-year Architecture and Interdisciplinary Studies student running for the position of Bartlett faculty representative for undergraduates.

During my time at UCL, I have found that members of my cohort have trusted me on several occasions to represent and lead them. Whether that be through my role of master of ceremonies, project manager, course representative or transition mentor. Thanks to these experiences, I am now confident in my ability to negotiate change in the Bartlett through constructive dialogue.

The issues that I hold close to my heart are transparency, student welfare, and sustainability:

• Transparency around unexpected costs of design materials which are a barrier to equal access and attainment. Transparency concerning budget allocation in the Bartlett.

• Student welfare to promote an inclusive, diverse and safe working environment. And a priority put on the mental and physical wellbeing of Bartlett students who suffer from an unhealthy work culture and stress.

• As for sustainability, I stand alongside the Architecture Education Declares movement and for environmental justice for future generations. As the faculty representative, I will help oversee change in our academic, operational and social systems in order to address pressing climate change issues.