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Adrita Kabir
Why are you standing?: 

Hi! Know that I appreciate you for taking the time to read this.

As a Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine student, it would be a pleasure to represent all PGT students in our faculty, if I can convince you to elect me.

My enthusiastic, co-operative and amicable nature makes me suitable for this. As undergraduate Course Rep, I really enjoyed connecting to my peers, so I wish to do the same with you while being a bridge between us and our instructors. Being a teacher for a fourth years now, I always look prioritise looking out for my pupils and optimising their learning experience– something I am truly passionate about. My job and other volunteering commitments provide me with interpersonal skills that as Rep will apply to your advantage.


1. Getting the most out of our limited time here

2. Encouraging close and persistent collaboration between students and staff, particularly with assessment feedback and research projects

3. Ensuring wellbeing support is readily available


• Welcoming new ideas

• Being proactive regarding any request or concern

• Promoting inclusiveness

Fun facts:

• I’m fluent in 4 languages

• I love playing piano and classical guitar

• I’m all for food, sleep and wholesome memes