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Student Trustees
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Number of vacancies: 4

As a student trustee you become a member of the board that is responsible for overseeing all of the administration and management of the Union. You are responsible for the governance and budget of the Union, and as a board delegate responsibilities to other Union committees, such as Council and Finance Committee. As a trustee with oversight of all Union activities, you will be able to review any relevant activity in the best interests of the organisation. 


Charlie Braham
I’m a part-time student on the MA Higher & Professional Education at UCL’s Institute of Education. I’ve studied at three other universities previously, in the UK and abroad. I’ve also worked in Higher Education for the past five years at four different universities across the country.

As such, I feel that I have a strong understanding of how institutions work and how to get things done. I’m keen to use my experience to inform the work of the Union, to make sure that we’re working in the best interests of students and to make sure that work is efficient, effective and productive.
Lukon Miah
I’m Lukon Miah, a third year medical student intercalating in Neuroscience. I am running for the position of student trustee because I would like to represent the voices of students and ensure that they are fairly represented. A student trustee sits on the board of the student union and in this critical period where the union is undergoing a lot of change, I want to be there to make sure that student welfare and experience isn’t compromised. I will also endeavour to make the union more transparent, inclusive and engaging, so you know what is going on and your views matter. I have shown in my previous role as a Governor for the NHS and in my current role as being the President of RUMS ISoc that I have the leadership skills and experience to represent you.
Liam Nagle-Cocco
As a student trustee, I will help to make sure our student union is well-run and operating effectively. I came from a rural area and a working class family, and having weathered the transition to UCL life, I have a sound understanding of the student experience. I am well-suited to represent students both who are in the process of making London and UCL their home, and those who have studied at UCL for some time. I am interested in politics and have strong feelings on a number of issues. These include the high cost of living for students in London, and the treatment of international students as a cash cow and an easy way for the government to cut immigration statistics. I believe UCLU should take a stand against these things. I also believe UCL should divest from fossil fuels. For more information, please read my manifesto.
Ayesha Mumtaz
I want a Union that is engaging and inclusive, hears the voices of its students and implements their views. As a trustee I will strive to ensure that the Trustee board does not interfere with the democratic decisions of the student body. I also want to ensure the long term sustainability of the union so that it continues to deliver services to students.
Suaada Abdulaahi
I am a third year human sciences student who has enjoyed what UCLU societies and clubs can do to enhance our experience at UCL. I will work to make sure that the union is inclusive and engaging.I will ensure decisions are made impartially and with the best interest of the student body in mind.
Jeremy Yao
Hello ! I am a 1st year Management Science student from Paris. I fully enjoy studying at UCL, however as Student Trustee I would like to improve our student experience at UCL and contribute in the betterment of the administration of the student union.
Benjamin Howitt
Hi – thanks for taking the time to read this. My name’s Ben, and I’m a Masters Student studying Data Science for Health Research. I’m running to be one of your student trustees for the next year. If elected, I want to:

- Push the Union to engage openly and transparently with postgraduate and undergraduate students. That means more than general assemblies and meetings of Council – that is about your voice being asked for and listened to on the issues that matter to you.

- Try to cut down the number of policies that UCLU has. It fills three pages on the website, and you can’t be expected to know all of them. Some of them are small and time-limited and some have the word “vis-à-vis” in the title, but some are about how we can take a stand on tolerance, on sexual harassment, and on making UCL respect that sometimes uni life is hard - and that’s fine.

I’ve been a trustee of unions before in my first degree, and I’d love the opportunity to carry on at UCLU.

Thanks again.
Digvijay Jotva
1. DIRECTION :As a Student Trustee I will ensure that UCLU acts in accordance with its constitution and remains true to its mission, vision and values and Empowers and Enrich UCL students.
2. ACCOUNTABILITY AND OPENNESS: I will take decisions that Increases Students Participation and increase the Transparency of the Union.
3. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY: I will ensure that UCL and UCLU operate in Green and Environmentally Sustainable way. And work towards the harmony of the society.
Fill free to contact me with any comments, questions, queries or concern
Mohammed Rahman
This is my third year at UCL as a Chemical
Engineering student. During my years at UCL I
have had the opportunity to get involved with
the UCLU Islamic Society and have worked as
part of the UCL Charity Week team that raised
a record breaking £109,000 in 2015.

• Decisions made by UCLU should
be representative of the interests
of the student body.
• Uphold values of democracy,
diversity and equality within the