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NUS Conference Delegation
Voting closed 3 years ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 9

NUS delegates represent the views of UCLU at NUS National Conference, the annual policy making body of the national union, of which UCLU is currently a member. The conference takes place each spring, runs for three days with almost 1400 people attending and passes policy that sets the priorities of the National Union of Students for the coming year. 


Elliott Christensen
My name is Elliott Christensen and I’m running for a position as one of UCL’s delegates to the National Union of Students Conference this year. I am in my second year, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I have been an activist for years campaigning for justice on housing, education, and civil rights and I want to use my knowledge in this area to be your representative at the national level. If successfully elected my mandate will be to voice your concerns at a national level, champion affordable education for all, campaign for affordable rents and fight for national minimum wage which is fair to students.
Gonzalo Cuadra Malinarich
As an international postgraduate student from Latin America I think that I can give diversity to the delegation, and represent UCL in that sense. I will put efforts to give you the opportunity to express your views on the topics to be discussed at the National Union of Students Conference beforehand, so that they orientate the delegates participation. Furthermore, I am interested in keeping students updated with current campaigns and activities of the NUS. A strong student movement can drive important changes in society, as in my country, where thanks of our efforts the human right of education is now a relevant issue. I believe that the NUS must have a clear position on the Agenda, with concrete proposals for social policy to fight for. It is relevant to be active particularly around Brexit, that sets a lot of challenges for society. Also, it should promote free education as well as the strengthening of the NHS for it to fulfil the needs of the people, without discrimination to ethnic groups, migrants, LGBTI and others. I can use my experience as former president of the medical students of my university, and afterwards of all health-related careers, to build that strong movement.
Sohail Badat
My name is Sohail, and I am currently a fourth year medical student. During my time at UCL, I have been involved with the union, mostly through clubs and societies, but also as Union Chair. Doing so has given me a lot of experience with the issues that students face and are passionate about. If elected, I will represent those interests at a national level. Have a read of my manifesto, to see what particular issues I care about, and feel free to contact me if you want to know anything more. Vote for me!
Nataliya Ashurova
My name is Natalie Ashurova, I am a first year History undergraduate and I am running to represent YOU at NUS Conference 2017!

Are you a student at UCL? To me all YOUR opinions matter, and I will ensure that your opinions are not just heard, but listened to and acted upon.

If elected as your NUS delegate, I commit to working on:

Many students feel disconnected from the NUS body. This needs to change. I will make sure that there is more awareness of NUS at UCL, and campaign for an inclusive Student Union to represent our university’s diverse community.

I believe that every student that attends university should feel comfortable, no matter what their background is. Therefore I will campaign against Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, sexism, racism and any other form of extremism.

I believe that every student is entitled to receiving higher education free of financial difficulties. Therefore I will make sure that NUS takes a strong stance on making university affordable to all, no matter their economic background.

Don’t WAIT for CHANGE to come your way, VOTE for it to HAPPEN! Vote Natalie for NUS Delegate.
Mark Crawford
The government is raising tuition fees and helping private providers take over our higher education system – and we have to fight them off, ultimately by winning the argument for a free education system of colleges and universities, democratic and open to all.

We need to reverse this government’s cruel cuts to maintenance support for disabled and lowincome students, and then campaign for everyone’s right to a liveable income so that their time at university is free of what currently amounts to a lifetime of oppressive debt.

Migrants and ethnic minorities are under attack. Through the racist Prevent strategy, academic staff are instructed to spy on Muslim students. Hate crimes against non-white people are rising rapidly following the Brexit vote; we have to mobilise against any and all efforts to scapegoat minorities for the problems created by the choices of this government.
Sabeeh Syed
It is important that students are unified in their approach to securing a better, more stable educational future. I want to be the voice of students from UCLU in delivering that message. We are stronger together.

I believe in and want to promote equality, representation of minority groups, welfare and health support as well as social mobility for students of today and of the future. I would like to work for educational grants for students with hardship, especially refugee students, who have no support network available. I also believe that it is the right of everyone to be able to gain an education. I will campaign to ensure no further increases in tuition fees are implemented. Most importantly I will listen to and relay your message to the NUS body and promote better engagement within activism
Sultan Mirza
As NUS delegate I will make sure to make your voice heard at the NUS conference 2016. I will be campaigning for representation and student fees.
Ben Towse
Hi, I’m a Neuroscience PhD student, a socialist feminist, and UCLU Labour’s Campaigns Officer. I want a campaigning, democratic NUS that links with the workers’ movement to stand up for our rights, for education, and for a more democratic, equal and free society.

__Stop fee rises & privatisation: campaign for free education__
NUS needs a serious strategy to stop the Conservatives’ higher education reforms, which will raise fees even further, force our universities into a market rigged to serve big businesses, and help profiteering businesses replace public universities. We need a democratic education system, free and open to all, funded by taxing the rich.

__#GrantsNotDebt: step up the campaign for student support__
Education Maintenance Allowance, Disabled Students’ Allowance, and the million poorest undergrads’ grants – all slashed. We should reverse these cuts, and provide full grants so nobody is held back from any level of education, from college to postgrad.

__Save our NHS: Renationalise & rebuild__
We all rely on the NHS, but today it’s under grave threat. We need to support junior doctors and fight to reverse all privatisation, win decent funding, scrap healthcare fees for international students, and rebuild a publicly-owned, universal, democratic health service for all of us.
David Dahlborn
- Langton Close Halls Rep 2013
- UCLU Finance and Services Committee 2013
- NUS Conference Observer
- Halls Accommodation Rep 2014
- NUS Conference Delegate 2014

I helped establish the UCL Cut The Rent Campaign which has won rent reductions and numerous improvements in halls. I also helped to organise the first rent strikes at UCL in 2015 and 2016 to ensure the campaigns were successful.

I will be transparent, accountable and help campaigns to cut the rent at UCL, the University of London and beyond!

Email: and I will answer your questions.
Mehjabin Ahmed
I would like to run for NUS Conference Delegate as I already have experience in representing the students of UCL at College level as a Sabbatical Officer, which will enhance my ability to represent UCL students at a National Level. Over the last couple of months, I have attended NUS Lead & Change, Regional Networking and will be attending the Zones Conferences later this month, which will equip me with the correct knowledge to make well informed decisions at the NUS Annual Conference. I have been working with NUS VP Welfare and other London SU Officers to tackle the issues of student housing in London and I will strive to ensure that this is a priority at Conference. I also believe that the ever increasing issue of student mental health needs to be focused on nationally, and I will push for mental health to be #1 on everybody's agenda.
Mariam Idrissi
As an NUS Conference delegate I will represent each and everyone’s views at the National Conference and strive to make a positive change for the student body here at UCL. I aim to represent all views and concerns by minority groups including international students, women and BME students. I believe that the NUS needs to be doing more to support students, especially those suffering the most from the cuts to funding. I will work diligently to oppose any more potential rises in educational fees as well as fighting for free education and living grants. I will also campaign for an increase in BME related programmes and activities, to ensure that BME students are better represented within the NUS. I also believe the PREVENT campaign is doing more harm than good in our educational system. I will actively lobby against it to allow student’s their right to voice their opinion. I promise to work transparently so that the student body always knows what is on the agenda, equally with all students and proactively. The NUS needs to stand up for its members even more now in this political climate and as a delegate to national conference I will fight for change.
Franklin Qiao
Today, as global economy continues to worsen, most students and youth are facing nothing but the bleak prospects of unemployment, tuition fees, debt, unaffordable living costs, and many other hardships. It is time for the NUS to struggle for the welfare of students once by arming itself with a bold socialist programme. Standing idly by is no longer an option! As a representative from the UCL Marxist Society, I am a firm supporter for free education and that universities should be run democratically.
Sabeera Dar
I'm honest and eager to to relay the vital details concerning students everywhere. I want to make sure the concerns of all students are given a platform regardless of socio economic background. UCL should be open to everyone and more ethical about its investments. Let's do this together :)