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Manifesto summary: 

I’m a final year international student undertaking an undergraduate degree in Education Studies at the Institute of Education. In the last four years I have spent studying in London I have experienced emotional, social, financial and academic challenges. I have learnt firsthand the struggles that students go through as well as the sacrifices and barriers you come across in university life. I have always been interested in education and politics, and I decided to run for UCL Union election after I set up a campaign for international students on the BA Education Studies programme, aimed at supporting and identifying the specific issues faced by this hugely underrepresented population of the IOE. Not only did this campaign make me more politically active, it also ignited a strong desire in me to fight injustices within education. I’m keen to turn the IOE into a hub of activism, and to work together with students, staff, student academic representatives (StARs), the UCLU and other departments in order to discover how the situation for IOE students differ to that of other students at UCL, and ascertain how best to help resolve those situations.

Manifesto document: