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Standing for: Hall Rep for Ann Stephenson House, Ifor Evans Hall, Max Rayne House and Neil Sharp House

Jiaxian Xie

Why are you standing?: 

Hello, everyone! I am Jiaxian, originally from China, living in Max Rayne House now. I am a master student of Business Analytics at UCL and had one year representative experience in undergraduate. Following are some reasons why I am qualified of being Hall Rep.

* I had been Academic and Faculty representative for one year in Lancaster University. Though it was academic, those valuable skills that I got can also be applied being a Hall Rep. That experience helped me build strong communication and organization skills I need to positively contribute between the members of staff and the student body, giving me valuable insights into the structure of the Representation system.

* Come from China. I know that a large number of both undergraduate and postgraduate students are from China. I have already stay in UK for three years, thus I know what new students concerns about and what potential issues they will have. It will be easier for me to communicate with Chinese students and make their voices to be heard.

I will devote to finding the easiest way to hear from you, represent for you, and solve problems. I hope my contributions will make all of you feeling at home in the following year. Please vote for me !

Best regards,


Naifang Tian

Why are you standing?: 

Hey guys, this candidate had been living in Ifor Evans Hall for two months before she moved to Ann Stephenson House and enjoyed a great time through pre-sessional course when living in this 109 Camden Rd community, which means she’s quite familiar with facilities and services in our halls and an explorer within neighborhood (WOW).

She studied BA International Journalism and had loads of experience of interviewing people to get their opinions and negotiated with departments to reach a satisfactory result. She was a representative in dormitory during Bachelor’s and cared about sanitation and living environment (a little bit mysophobia). Whenever she spotted that the tap was leaking, she would report to dormitory affair office (what an environmentalist huh).

She is a good listener. Whenever students in chatting groups raise questions about accommodation, she would answer as detailed as possible with no hesitation. Even when they have not arrived here, she would lay their doubts because of understanding, that’s also what she has been through.

Understanding, Love and Passion give her courage to stand out. When you come to her, she would always be available:)

Manifesto document: 

Jim Onyemenam

Why are you standing?: 

I’m in it for the money.

Tianci Tan

Why are you standing?: 

Becoming a student hall representative enables me to develop and strengthen leadership skills, connect with various internal and external agencies, assist fellow students with having their voice heard and share experiences and participate in nation-wide events for student leaders.

Manifesto document: 

Elena Priesen-Reis

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing for this role because I believe that the organisation, independence and cooperation skills that I exercise during my time as a Hall Rep will prove to be extremely useful in future tasks (whether in studies or careers) where I need to work spontaneously independently, as part of a team, or a delegator/leader.

Manifesto document: 

Junru Huang

Why are you standing?: 

As a Chinese, I can be a good speaker for Asian students, many of whom tend to be introverted and speak little for themselves.

I also have studied or volunteered in American, European and Southern Asian countries, and have rich experience communicating with people from all over the world.

I have strong sense of responsibility as well as the will and courage to speak. I can be a great Hall Rep for Camden halls.


Why are you standing?: 

I had worked as a full-time English teacher for five years and also as a volunteer in Xinjiang, a remote Muslim minority autonomous region in the west of China, as an English teacher for local students before I came to the UK. The position I have hold for the last five years is absolutely a perfect match for the occupation of the Hall Rep because I also took charge of students’ Dormitory management work when I was a teacher in Zhejiang’s boarding high school.

I promise you could reach me anytime!

What’s more, due to my experience of last two years in an online Education company, my students come from all over the world, so I always have to face the problem of jet lag. In order to provide students with timely solutions to problems, no matter what I am doing, I always bring my computer and phones so that I can respond to students' issues promptly.

My manifesto to all of you

I am committed to providing students with a dormitory environment where every student's demands are heard, seen, valued, and reasonably resolved.

In the coming holidays and anniversaries, we will take part in unforgettable group activities together, leaving a memorable memory for our graduate student life.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Hall Rep for Arthur Tattersall House and John Tovell House

Nudhara Yusuf

Why are you standing?: 

I could tell you I have a ‘Never-before-seen’ idea, but this is about representation, not just innovation. It’s about addressing our collective, common issues.

No. 1 - Let’s get ourselves a common room (weekly events alert!). We’re in different buildings, floors and flats. I’m pretty sure many of you have never seen the faces of the people you’re voting for! Let’s change that.

No. 2 – Whether it’s heating, plumbing, stoves or ovens. Rent isn’t cheap around here, neither are winter hoodies or summer fans! We pay for the right to return from our crazy University lives to a comfortable home. Let’s fix that.

No. 3 – Laundry should not be more complicated to do than setting up an enterprise! Be it the number of machines available, the cards and the codes or just trying to fit into the room. Figuring out washing settings for each t-shirt and jumper is enough to have to get sorted. Let’s keep things cheap and simple.

This isn’t about taking on 100 different tasks in 1 year and hardly fulfilling anything (I study international politics, I’ve seen the pattern). The promise is in the execution. I believe that actions speak louder than words. Let’s get it done.

Manifesto document: 

Izabela Zawartka

Why are you standing?: 

Beginning life at university, for many of us for the first time, the atmosphere and conditions created in student accommodation are instrumental to having a both a positive social and academic experience. I strongly believe in the importance of ensuring a functional environment and fostering a strong sense of community. Knowing that these conditions won’t arise by themselves, I would like to use my sociable and enthusiastic personality to create them!

If elected, my priority would be to develop a practical system for communication: voicing and resolving our individual and collective concerns. I would not only make myself available for discussion of personal suggestions, but also for group meetings to resolve any potential conflict. With your input, I would work in collaboration with student services to address issues and enact proposed changes, making sure that matters are settled in a timely fashion. Moreover, to ensure that we can make the best of our time in student housing, I would love to use your suggestions to organize events and get-togethers!

I look forward to living with all of you in the John Tovell and Arthur Tatterstall residences. Have a great year!

Cristian Ignat

Why are you standing?: 

Hello guys!

I am Cris, a 3rd year Astrophysics student and I want to make our hall the dream home you have always wanted. Beer fountains and washing machines that do the laundry without the need for any human effort. I have previously lived in UCL accommodation so I definitely know how to improve our hall.

My main focus, if elected, would go towards obtaining funds for students (for us, yes). Rent cuts and the now forgotten ‘Accommodation Bursary’ are top priorities, as you already saw how expensive London is.

Also, I would push towards the best living conditions we can obtain: a better laundry room (or more), a better recycling and garbage system, appropriate heating during winter, water fountains etc.

I am currently a Transition mentor and a UCL Students’ Ambassador within the Physics Department. These positions gave me the necessary skills to concisely communicate the message I am standing for. Furthermore, I am experienced and already used to interacting with staff and higher authorities.

I will be here to hear your thoughts.

Wild parties and cool socials are by default! Just put this bad boi to the test.

Vote me already?

Manifesto document: 

Andrew Harper

Why are you standing?: 

Hi there:) I’m Drew Harper. I live in 119 flat A and I’m running for hall rep! At my previous school I lived in student halls for two year and was a resident advisor. I’ve got experience working with administration and wardens to relay the needs of residents. Basically, I’m running to make sure we all get our money’s worth and have a enjoyable experience in student halls. Feel free to message on Facebook me with questions, ideas, concerns re: our accommodation. Also, on Wednesday morning (3 October), I’ll be in the entryway of 119 with doughnuts (free food!!) just to chat about our halls— please drop in so we can meet! Cheers guys

Manifesto document: 

Anna Anagnostopoulou

Why are you standing?: 

Dear hallmates, I'd like to become your Hall Rep because I believe I could help you with any problems you encounter while you stay at John Tovell or Arthur Tattersall House. I am available 24-7, you will be able to contact me whenever you wish and I will try to help you with anything. I believe that we should all live in pleasant conditions, which is why I will focus on improving our halls if elected. Trying to cut the rent, or negotiate at least to have cheaper laundry facilities would be one of my priorities, as we all live in a expensive city and giving out money to the laundry machines instead of food for example is not cool. Also, I will try to stress on hygiene and having clean kitchens and bathrooms where the supplied facilities are in good conditions. Finally, I am friendly, responsible and always happy to assist you if anything needed! Thank you for voting me mates!

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Hall Rep for Bernard Johnson House

Tania Acevedo

Why are you standing?: 

I think I fit for the role because as a new student and mom at the same time, I would like to be the support that I would like to have as an international student, in terms of the doubts that arise from this new experience. Although it is true I do not know all the situations and solutions for every detail, however I am willing to find and support those who need it, in order to resolve any concerns that may arise. This is a family and couple residece and I believe this is something that we can strengthen so that all of us together create a good environment both as students and with our partners and children who are an important part of this experience

Standing for: Hall Rep for Campbell House East and West

Nikou Alemi

Why are you standing?: 

Although I have only been at Campbell for a very short time, the community that we have developed feels like a family. I want to help students in Campbell West and East address any issues/ problems/ queries they might have in order to preserve and improve our house. I think I would be a good hall rep because I am open and approachable and love to interact with all kinds of people. This links to my manifesto priorities which include ensuring everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality... feel included and safe in our house. I believe having a nurturing and positive environment to live and work in is key to academic success. I want to ensure that mental health and stress related issues are addressed seriously and as soon as possible. I would go about all this by arranging monthly hall socials as a chance to just touch base and have a relaxing couple hours regrouping with hall friends after all our busy course schedules. I would also want to set up weekly online questions where students can vote for or against a motion on how best to improve our house. Voting for me will ensure a fun but also caring future for Campbell House.

Manifesto document: 

Narak tapeh

Why are you standing?: 

Being a foreign dude born and raised in the Middle-east, I’ve had my fair share of confronting all types of issues whether it’d be race, sexual orientation or religious matters within Kuwait. Point being I’m good with discussing these issues and building common ground but more importantly , getting stuff done instead of just talking about it and “hoping things change”. As for my priorities , Being a representitive of thee best residence in UCL means every single student within campbell house east and west as well as their issues will be my first priority. I’m all ears when it comes to any issues within this residence but also any emotional support needed by anyone, as someone to talk to if things arent going too well. So dont waste any time, Vote now for your local Armenian dude!

Standing for: Hall Rep for Endsleigh Gardens and John Adams Hall

Sabastian Astley

Why are you standing?: 

You might know me from the group chat.

Having had similar roles in my past education with Head of House for my form, and Student Ambassador, I've always been committed to assuring that students' problems and queries are heard and done my best to answer them.

My priorities for John Adams Hall would be developing the community that has formed even further, making sure no-one feels left out, as well as encouraging interaction through social events in the common room, as well as weekly night trips to popular venues.

Mohammed Khalil

Why are you standing?: 

I am running for Hall Representative because I believe I can make a difference. I will ensure any suggestions to improve your stay is immediately heard by UCL Residences. My main priority will be to ensure you all have an amazing year. If you would like to talk me, feel free to reach out.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Hall Rep for Frances Gardner House and Langton Close

Zhan Soo

Why are you standing?: 

I have held numerous leadership positions in my previous schools and I am confident that I will make Langton Close and Frances Gardner House a home away from home.

My priorities if I get elected as the representative would be to fight for the reduction in the high rent for both the houses. Both Langton Close and Frances Gardner are quite far away from UCL but the rents are still high. I will definitely fight for the reduction in rent for all types of rooms.

Besides, I would campaign for a subsidy by the houses or UCL for the laundry services provided by the houses. The laundry service at the moment is quite costly for students and a subsidy or a reduction in price will definitely ease our financial burden.

I would also set up in-house gyms as the gyms in London are costly. A few rooms within the building can definitely be turned into gyms in which students can use during their free time to keep fit and to release their stress after intense study sessions.

Lastly, I would like to add more recycling bins in kitchens of every unit so that it is easier for us to recycle our rubbish. Go Green UCL!

Manifesto document: 

Lili Naómi Zemplényi

Why are you standing?: 

I am committed to providing an excellent representation of the Frances Gardner House and Langton Close Student Houses and raising awareness of the students' interests throughout the year. My dedication to representation can be illustrated by my previous experiences in the field. In Hungary, in high school, I have served as a Student President for two years, representing students and protecting their rights. Due to my commitment as President, I was elected as a Representative of the Capital to the National Student Parliament speaking up for the fellow students in front of the Ministry of Human Capacities. Moreover, I was the Spokesperson of the Hungarian delegation to the European Youth Parliament, Strasbourg in 2015, overseeing the work of the deputation. In connection with this, I became a Junior Ambassador of the European Parliament, promoting the European culture, history and our common values, which makes us united and diverse within the European Union.

I am confident that my previous experiences make me able to appropriately represent Frances Gardner House and Langton Close in the 2018/19 academic year.

Manifesto document: 

Jiri Grosman

Why are you standing?: 

Securing a decent accommodation in London can be tough – and expensive. Admittedly, UCL Halls represent a fair, cheaper alternative to the often unattainable, privately rented accommodation. Nonetheless, especially in comparison to university accommodation around the country, the UCL Halls rent still stands well above average. Therefore, I believe it is only fair for us students to get a good value for our money– a safe, clean and warm environment for us to live and study. These are the values that I would champion as the Langton Close and Frances Gardner Halls Rep. However, what is even more important than these sketchy ideas, is what you guys think and how you see the spaces that you live in. That is why I promise – should you decide to put your trust in me – to be there for you throughout the year and listen to your ideas, complaints and wishes, doing my best to put them in place and communicate them to those in charge. If there is anything you would like to discuss or talk about, just come visit me on the 3rd floor, flat F, room 5 in Langton or simply send me an e-mail at Thank you!

Manifesto document: 

Angela Grigsby

Why are you standing?: 

As cliché as it sounds, I want to represent you, the students living in Langton Close and Frances Gardner, so that our voices are heard by UCL’s Student Union. You and I live here, and we should be comfortable and happy! If you have problems with your living arrangement, it’s important that you have a person who will advocate for you to ensure that your concerns are addressed as soon as possible. As hall representative, I will do my best to be that person for you and for the other students living here.

But I wouldn’t want to talk just about negative issues! Like the rest of you, I came to UCL not only to study, but also to make friends and have fun. I think it’s important that we get to know each other within Langton Close and Frances Gardner, and also that we meet students living in other halls. If you have any ideas for social events—parties or competitions between halls, maybe?—let’s discuss! I want to enjoy my time at UCL, and if you vote for me, I promise to work hard as your representative so that all of us have the best possible university experience!

Standing for: Hall Rep for Goldsmid House


Why are you standing?: 

As Hall Rep, I will ensure that our experience at the Goldsmid House will be the best experience it can be. Our Hall truly is an exceptional place in which many different cultures and many different backgrounds meet and form an international society of young students. We, together, can be of great support to one another and make our time here the best time. As Hall Rep I will ensure this will always be the case and that no one will ever be excluded from our social life.

Should I be elected as our Hall Rep dirty kitchens, loud flatmates and broken facilities will no longer be a problem and any issue, however big or small, will be tackled right away. I am committed to make my greatest effort in being Hall Rep for Goldsmid House and to always be there for every single one of us.

It would be a tremendous honour for me to represent our community and make our experience at the Goldsmid House, and in general at UCL, truly great.

Vote for Rebecca and you will not regret it!

Manifesto document: 

Peter Crabtree

Why are you standing?: 

I believe I am the most appropriate person to assume the role of hall representative for Goldsmid House. As a student myself, and a permanent resident, I am aware of the many issues that could be addressed and hopefully fixed via an intermediate like me. I hope to use my confidence and determination to not only campaign for better facilities, but also to advocate for swift action thereafter and quick decision-making by UCL. Too often we students find the University isn’t always the quickest at dealing with our concerns, but with me as your representative, I assure you that all concerns with be addressed promptly. I plan to do this by sending emails daily to follow up our requests to ensure our needs are met. Moreover, I have very good listening skills which will aid in my ability to be your spokesperson, and to put your points across succinctly and with accuracy to the University. I want you, the residents of Goldsmid House, to feel listened to.

My priorities if I were to be elected would be firstly to ensure that the facilities that we have currently are in full working order, to include the printer and laundry areas. Then I will move my focus to individual rooms to address some concerns that some people have already raised regarding the strength and temperature of the showers and the difficulties with phone signal. Furthermore, I will try my hardest to campaign for a small computer space in the first floor ...

Maria Florez Martin

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing because I believe I can transmit my fellow students' ideas and complaints effectively and improve our relationships with each other within our hall

Standing for: Hall Rep for Hawkridge House

Xianting Weng

Why are you standing?: 

Hey, guys, I have worked in a company where people come from a wide range of places for several years and have lots of experience in communication and activity organizations. If I’m the hall rep of Hawkridge, I am planning some some fun events such as parties, outing, discussions, etc. And if you have any issues I am very glad to help out.

Yaqi Song

Why are you standing?: 

As a Hawkridge House rep applicant, I desire to promote interaction among residence halls, to develop citizenship and promote self-government while representing the interests and needs of the Hawkridge House community.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Hall Rep for Ian Baker House and Ramsay Hall

Ekatherina Demidova

Why are you standing?: 

Halls, as well as being a vital part of our overall journey at university, represents the area into which we literally transfer our lives. Whether this is the accommodation we stay at 40 minutes from home or a daunting 12 hours, we can't help but feel the difference either way. That's why we need to make our accommodation, our home. To do so, it is imperative that our UCL students have someone to talk to regarding any issues which may arise or any ideas that may come to mind to make the transition to university life as smooth as possible. And there would be no one better to fulfill this role, than a student who is in the same environment. Having previously fulfilled similar roles at school, such as being a member of the Pupil Council, Eco Committee, Senior School Debating Captain and member of the Arrupe Programme, all establishing great communication and problem-solving skills, I believe that I can contribute my own experience to the benefit of our local community. My door is always open!

T. Lind

Why are you standing?: 

I'd work for:

-More frequent cleaning of shared bathrooms

-Quality of vegetarian food (more protein, whole grains, and vegetables; less fast carbs)

-Being able to exit without a key card (the current situation of not being able to leave the premises without a key card is a safety risk)

As a Rep, I'd be happy to represent any concerns/wishes you may have. For example:

-Many Chinese students wish for hot milk

-Many students can't sleep at night due to people talking in the courtyard or outside the entrance

-Some students complain about lack of maintenance of shared bathrooms (noisy doors, broken locks)

My priorities are cleanliness, meals, and proper maintenance of facilities.

Abir Bhushan

Why are you standing?: 

So you might remember me as the guy who carries a Foster’s in his hand to introduce himself - “My name’s Abir, you know like a-beer.” (isn’t that so cool?) And now I’d like you to remember me as the guy who is running for hall-rep elections this year. Before I begin to talk about what my goals are, I’d like to say that Ramsay is great. Unbelievably and unfathomably great. It may not claim to have state-of-the-art facilities. However, it possesses something far more important than modern technology: character. It has location and diversity. Canteen camaraderie and the BT Tower. And as freshers, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is the smallest of things though, that I’d like to change:

Getting 24-hour coffee machines for our all-nighters.

Having a bonafide gaming room for us FIFA/Fortnite lovers.

Extending dinner till 8 P.M.

Having fire-alarm tests in the afternoon, instead of at 7 in the morning.

Bringing in a ping-pong table for our beer-pong games.

And getting anything else to improve your experience here, at this bastion of Fresherdom. Just remember I’m friendly, approachable and only a message away. Consider voting for me. I won’t let you down. Cheers!

Manifesto document: 

Rachel Smith

Why are you standing?: 

We've been at Ramsay and Ian Baker for around a week now, and for the majority of that week, the laundry room has been unavailable. This is not a good start to our time here! Other issues such as expensive rent for out dated rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are equally as concerning. With me as Hall Rep I will take these issues and any other concerns that you have forward, in order to make these halls a better place to live for our home away from home. As one of the smaller halls, our family is a tight-knit community, but it could be better. I want to claim back our title of being the "Party Halls", so if you enjoy a good sesh, give me a vote and we will take back what is rightfully ours one party at a time (or in other words, we're going to host the activities that WE want to do). Vote for me if you want your first year to be your best year and for YOUR opinions to be heard!

Side-note: I will also try to fix the annoying slamming doors, which I know we all hate x

Manifesto document: 

Enerzaya Gundalai

Why are you standing?: 

My story is simple: I come from Mongolia, a country of three million in Central Asia. I lived there until I was sixteen, after which I came to study in boarding school in the UK. 2018 will be the third year that I have lived in this country. As an international student, I have experienced almost all the difficulties imaginable associated with living abroad, ranging from culture shock, difficulty fitting in and understanding the language. At the same time, immersing myself these past few years in British culture has made me appreciate the nuances in its people, history, and even humour. I feel a strong allegiance to my area of origin, but also love for England, my adopted country. This is why I believe I am uniquely capable of carrying out this role and representing students of such diverse backgrounds from Ramsay and Ian Baker.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Hall Rep for James Lighthill House

Ahina Ip

Why are you standing?: 

Hey! I'm Ahina, I hope you vote for me as Hall Rep because I am a good listener with an international background, having studied at a French school in Hong Kong and your typical boarding school in the UK. I would like to use my experience as Head of House at my previous school to represent your opinions and complaints about James Lighthill House. If elected my priorities would be 1) making sure that standards of living are the same throughout the house (e.g some kitchens are more modern/ anything else you find unfair) so everyone paying the same price enjoys the same quality 2) trying to decrease the rent because most of us are going broke T_T You can come to me with your complaints or if you're in need of some expert advice about how to cook food that isn't microwaveable or toast. In conclusion, vote for me.

Also, my candidate profile pic is little me because cute faces evoke more sympathy. Try and guess who I am now...... (Hint: My eyebrows are less pyramid-like now)

Standing for: Hall Rep for John Dodgson House

Alia Husain

Why are you standing?: 

Hello, my name is Alia and I would love to be your student Hall rep. I am very eager to get involved and make a positive change as I believe your halls should be a safe and homey environment for everyone. By this point, some people might be feeling a little homesick but I believe we can make our own little family here. I am very approachable and good at networking, for example, I have just made a halls whats app group for our block to ensure everyone is connected and to sort out socials as well as lifts. I have already helped my fellow flatmates with a variety of problems such as where they can go shopping for groceries how to cook and so on.

I would love to be considered for this position as I feel like I can give a voice to my fellow students

Freya Proudman

Why are you standing?: 

I’m a highly dedicated and enthusiastic person who loves to get involved. I’m pleased to be a member of John Dodgson, and am excited by the opportunity to provide strong representation for our home. I was voted class representative 3 years consecutively and have served as a peer mentor and the president of several societies throughout high school. I have strong organization skills best demonstrated through my experience co-running a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at Harvard University. I am greatly involved in activism with highlights including advocating LGBTQ equality at the British Embassy, attending conferences on Education throughout Europe, and creating greater opportunities for Women. I speak English, Welsh, Spanish, and Chinese, so feel free to communicate with me however best for you. For John Dodgson, I would like to implement a suggestion box in the common room where you can submit requests for anything you would like to see changed. If there is an upcoming vote, I promise to provide you with a anonymous ballot so you can express your opinions, then I will always vote reflective of the residents’ collective wishes. You will always be welcomed and encouraged to approach me with any concerns or ideas you have.

Ralf Saade

Why are you standing?: 

As we are all freshers this year many of you could be hesitating whereas who would be the fittest candidate to represent John Dodgson House as a whole. I believe that I have what is necessary and even more to represent you as well as make John Dodgson the best UCL House.

First of all I’d like to point out that I have been member of many committees, making decisions and taking actions in my community such as the grade 10-11-12 committee two years in a row, the grade 12 Promo committee last year ( where we produced sweatshirts, organized parties and other big events ) and my school student representative contributing in major decisions within my school administration meetings.

Secondly, If you aren’t convinced just yet here are a few details about me, I fluently speak French, English and Arabic, I play 3 instruments, I have a strong background in sports ( rugby, karting, summing ). But also I did run an small event management group.

And finally to make sure that my motivation is honest and that I am keen on well representing, I have already been nominated as part of first year representative of the Lebanese society.

I hope all of you grant me this opportunity and I look forward to making this year unforgettable.

Standing for: Hall Rep for New Hall - Caledonian Road

ling sun

Why are you standing?: 

hi I am a Chinese student who loves playing lying man. I really love the way that we sit together and welcome everyone joining in. This is the same for our community. This is a place for everyone to be their themselves and feel free to have your voice heard.

Manifesto document: 

Yiling He

Why are you standing?: 

My name is Yiling He and I am a Chinese student living in Shenzhen, Guangdong. After moving into the New Hall, I found that it seemed that 80% of the students who live in the New Hall are Chinese! To some extent, this is really a good thing to me (and other Chinese student), because I can make my life better if I live in a more familiar atmosphere with so many Chinese friends. I think we need to have a representative and give our opinion and advice to the Hall. We are the majority. However, it doesn’t mean that we should ignore those who are from other countries. We should have more communication with foreign friends and make progresses during this time. If I were the representative of our building, I would try my best to achieve what I have said above.

Wai Ying Chan

Why are you standing?: 

First things first, do you even know what are the qualities of being a representative?

I would say ,

Good EI

1. EI stands for Emotional Intelligence

I am a registered social worker in Hong Kong which provide counselling service or useful advices to the people in need and show my good emotional intelligence on the success of my career. A representative with emotional intelligence can assist students of the hall more empathetically. For instance, someone got problems on their kitchen matters and need some advices and I would love to help them as I know how they feel if they encounter difficulties.

2. EI stands for Early Intervention 

Early intervention is absolutely important if some of you face a problem, and you become frustrated. But you must know that every problem has a solution. So implementing a feedback system on some social platform will be one step after I have elected as hall representative , so that no matter what problem you encounter, we can try and solve it fast. I was the class representative when I was in the undergraduate and this experience help me get familiar on helping any of you which drive me to make intervention early.

3. EI stands for Every issues

Be there for listening every opinions of anyone of New Hall and I will take all those issues very seriously and help voice out.

I am determined to put into action all these qualities and provide our hall of residence with effective leadership. I adapt to change rapidly ...