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Standing for: Campbell House East and West

Teddy Favre-Gilly

Why are you standing?: 

I want the house to become more of a community. Rather than everyone being tucked away in their kitchen, I want to make the garden a more attractive place for everyone to come eat, meet and drink!

For those who don’t know: the elected house rep gets £2,000 off their rent.

I will campaign for a house budget to spend on the garden, buying blankets and paraffin outdoor heaters for the coming winter months, table umbrellas for the British rainy days and a barbecue for the new weekly tradition of Campbell BBQ. What’s more we’ll source some Shoreditch-style decorations such as barrels, bar stools and fairy lights to make the garden feel more like a pretentious trendy drinking establishment and set up a projector for movie nights.

The budget will also fund a Christmas lunch with crackers, hats, turkey etc and a big Easter Egg hunt when the time comes.

We’re in this accommodation for a whole year together, so lets make the most of it. This budget should benefit the many!

Come to the first of many BBQs on Monday 17th, for free dinner and a feel of the future for our hidden gem of a garden.

Sean Synnuck

Why are you standing?: 

For those of you I haven’t met I’m Sean. I’m from a small Welsh town so relate to getting used to a new city for the first time.

Having done a foundation, I lived in halls last year and was a department rep. I believe this is one reason why I’m the right candidate for this role as I’m both accustomed to making the most out of the short time we spend together (it really goes as quickly as they say) and have experience working with university management representing students. I’m used to committee and governors meetings, coordinating with other representatives, and most importantly listening to those I represent to put across everyone’s opinions, not personal beliefs.

I intend to foster a sense of community within our halls, aiming to organise events like a common-room christmas party or a garden easter egg hunt. Not only as outlets for our excitement about the holidays (and a break from lectures), but as great opportunities to meet other students.

In light of issues previous residents faced; disruptive building work, leaks and collapsing ceilings resulting in successive rent strikes, it’s essential we have a confident, outspoken representative working constructively to defend our interests.

Yoana Kisyova

Why are you standing?: 

An essential conviction of mine is doubtless the interdependence of each person's contribution to society.That is the reason why social initiatives are inseparable part of me.

The experience is very essential so as a past board member of some non-governmental organisations I am used to having a lot of responsibilities and dues.

I have taken part in several socially significant events to raise awareness of main issues.This proved utterly important for me and I came to the conclusion that every voice is valuable and can make a change if heard by the right people.

Standing for: Endsleigh Gardens/Gordon Square/John Adams Hall

Katherine Eyre

Why are you standing?: 

I’m Kate, an Economics Masters student from New Zealand living at John Adams and I want to be your halls representative!

We have been given this wonderful opportunity to live and study in central London. As your hall representative, I will make sure any issues and concerns related to your daily living conditions are taken seriously and resolved promptly. My responsibility is to ensure each of you has a great time living here.

In the last two years I have been helping students with their accommodation and living needs. I was a house manager for a student housing cooperative in Canada, and in 2015 I was a “Kiwi host” for exchange students visiting New Zealand. Other students will confirm I am reliable, organised and always take action to get things resolved. I am friendly and very approachable.

Social events are an important part of halls life, and I will work to organise and promote events for our halls, like and international food night or games night. I look forward to getting to know you - and hearing your feedback and ideas for our community.

Alexandros Xafopoulos

Why are you standing?: 

Relevant Experience:

- UCL: Two-year postgraduate study.

- UCL Halls: Two-year accommodation.

- Privately: Tutoring/mentoring UCL/UK students in Programming & Mathematics.

- MA Education & Technology Programme Committee: Student representative.

- UCL IOE Research, Consultancy & Knowledge Transfer Committee: Student representative.

- UCL ChangeMakers-awarded University Coding Tutoring Project: Project Coordinator & Founder.

- UCLU-supported volunteering Secondary Maths Tutoring Project: Project Coordinator & Founder.

- UCL conference, open day, & event roles.

- Dissertation on UCL postgraduate engagement & performance.

- Undergraduate study abroad.

Role Statement:

My main aim and priority as a prospective Hall representative is to enhance the quality of accommodation and supportive services and the holistic well-being inside the world-leading, global university, and more specifically its Halls of residence John Adams Hall, Endsleigh Gardens, and Gordon Square. This aim includes improvements in resident service, study and social spaces, internet, room conditions, funding, fees, career and social events and opportunities. These targets can be achieved by scaffolding an inspiring team spirit of collaboration and excellence among UCL students and accommodation staff. The online platform Slack can enable direct report of student concerns and suggestions. Let's feel the wave of unbeatable unity!

Standing for: Goldsmid House, Wilton Plaza

Prune Bouillot

Why are you standing?: 

I would love to become a hall representative because I like undertaking responsabilities. I am an organized person, and am commited to represent students interests. I am good listener, and will take notes of any suggestions/requests regarding everyday life and organization in halls of residence.

The first thing that needs to be supported is the fight against accomodation’s rents, which are ridicoulusly high.

Furthermore, we are all living away from our home, and I believe that feeling just like being at home in halls is really important in order to enjoy this exciting year and make the most of it.

Being a hall representative will be an opportunity to organize different activities, events, or trips especially at Goldsmid House, where we are divided in two blocks, making it hard to meet everyone and share time all together.

Bringing in common rooms and/or common study rooms in halls lacking these facilities could also be a first step to a nice atmosphere of sharing. The people we live with will become like a family throughout the year, and I think it would be a great thing to extend this sense of community to the entire house.


Standing for: Hawkridge

Yitian Zhu

Why are you standing?: 

My name is Yitian Zhu. I would like to nominate myself to be a hall representative for Hawkridge. Firstly, I am confident about my interpersonal skill. Being a minister of the Student Union in Zhejiang Normal University, I co-operated well with my fellows. We organized activities like Easter Dance Party, regular volunteering tutorial for homeless students and regular lectures for health caring. Also, I was a group leader of school’s volunteer union at the same time. Besides, despite speaking fluent English, I can understand both Mandarin and Cantonese, which might help me to communicate better with residences. Those previous experiences enable me to gain the ability of cooperating, communicating and being patient. If elected as a Hall Representative, I will not only deal with daily compulsory tasks, but also will make regular negotiations with peers and organize better activities to shape their experience. I will be eager to find out what the students of Hawkridge want to change and ensure the rights of them. Despite being new to UCL, I believe that my passion for student caring and my knowledge of serving and communicating make me an ideal candidate for the role of Hall Representative.

George Lawrence George

Why are you standing?: 

I’m an international student in the MSc Public Policy Programme at UCL. I enjoy engaging with society’s problems and seeing it as my own to help and make lives better.

At Hawkridge House, I look forward to implement a monthly review mechanism to understand the issues that residents face and garner ideas to improve our resident life at Hawkridge. I’d love to shoulder along individual issues to Hawkridge wardens or take it up to higher levels and organize campaigns (if necessary) to make our voices heard.

I’m widely approachable, friendly, and committed!

I need your support!

Standing for: Ifor Evans Hall/Max Rayne House/Ann Stephenson and Neil Sharp Houses

Andreea Vladulescu

Why are you standing?: 

Hi! I am a Romanian pal and I have always been passionate about change. In the past, I’ve been one of the founding members of an Interact club (we did charity mixed with cool social events), I’ve organized a book club and I fought for change at an outdated newspaper. But right now, I live in Max Rayne House and even though Camden is a beautiful place, all the halls need improvement and I am ready to fight for that!

If elected, I will:

• Implement a complain/feedback system, so that no matter what problem you encounter, we can try and solve it fast

• Be there for every member of the Ifor Evans, Max Rayne, Ann Stephenson and Neil Sharp Houses

• Organise social events (aka amazing parties and cool get-togethers)

• Fight for improvements such as: better kettles and toasters, but also a “debugging” process (or at least convince the bugs to start paying rent)

• Lobby for a better cost-quality rent

Vote for me!

Amy Vatcher

Why are you standing?: 

If elected, I would work hard to voice the views of the students I represent in order to create the best communal living experience possible. I have prior experience in leadership and pastoral responsibilities which make me an ideal candidate for this role. In particular, I would aim to improve the facilities available to the halls/houses, and I would organise social events to encourage greater integration between the four houses/halls.

Michael Kennedy

Why are you standing?: 

Whether it's cockroaches and mice running around in your kitchens and hallways, keeping reception open for longer so you can collect your packages or ensuring that you're allowed to use the common room past 11pm I will put all of your ideas and concerns forward to the appropriate authorities. In doing so I hope to make Ifor Evans, Max Rayne and Ann Stephenson nicer and more comfortable places to live and work in. I will make myself contactable by mobile, email or even face to face so that you have a point of contact to raise issues and feel like they are going to be sorted out rather than just go unheard.

Clara Mondragon Bayarri

Why are you standing?: 

I love a challenge, and the role of Hall Representative is challenging. This position requires passion, time management, initiative and resilience. I am determined to put into action all these qualities and provide our hall of residence with effective leadership. I adapt to change rapidly and efficiently. Having moved from Spain to study at a British boarding school in North Yorkshire at the age of 12 taught me the importance of becoming self-reliant and being open-minded towards a completely different culture and environment. Many of the students living here face this change on a daily basis and I seek to offer them my time and expertise to help them adapt and familiarise themselves with our exciting surroundings.

I will ensure that your views are listened to and taken seriously. My time at a pre-college course at Princeton University trained me as a public speaker and debater. I am persuasive, adept and perceptive. Do you feel as if you are an unheard vegan? Or are you a trapped party animal due to the expenses of a night out in London? Are you tired of having to queue to dry your clothes because two tumble dryers aren’t working? You have been heard.

Standing for: James Lighthill House

Victoria Bukato

Why are you standing?: 

Hey guys,

I would like to represent James Lighthill House. I believe that I am well suited for that role, because I have 4 years of experience of living in halls of residence in England. James Lighthill is an international house, so I know which problems can arise and for sure will be glad to handle them. I am an open and social person and always ready to give you a hand. I want to unite our residence more and make sure this place feels like home to everyone. I would love to organize events for the house including activities during the day and nights out. Furthermore, I also think there should be a feel of unity between all the houses, because first year in uni can be difficult and it is always nice to have a big group of friends to support each other.

Standing for: John Dodgson House

Yali Chen

Why are you standing?: 

“Making residences your home”. This is the most important point of my manifesto. Everyone has the freedom and rights to give our opinions in order to make our home better. And I would like to be the person to make your voice heard.

My first priority will be providing more chances for students (especially international students) to express their ideas by organising necessary short meetings with staff and doing regular survey. Second, I want to enhance students’ experience in socialising and studying in accommodation. More social events including outdoor activities among residents are likely to be developed. I will also commit to provide a better and quieter learning environment for students using the study room.

My previous experience of working as a member of the Liaison Department of University boosts my confidence of being a representative of halls. I also developed excellent communicational skills and interpersonal skills from my experience of organising activities for newspaper office and companies. I have a strong sense of responsibilities and passion for this position and I believe I am the right person to represent you in UCL Residences.

Jonas Ebrahimi

Why are you standing?: 

As a proud resident of John Dodgson House I would like to represent our house as I feel we have great residents in our house but we do not have the facilities to match. If elected I will continue to try and improve the standard of living at John Dodgson and as to help it on its way to becoming the new and better Ramsay.

Standing for: Langton Close / Frances Gardner House

Oliver Tidey

Why are you standing?: 



COMMON ROOM UPGRADES – buy new sports tables - snooker, ping-pong, table football.

PAY PER ROOM SIZE – unfair for some people in a flat to pay more than their flat-mates for a ‘bigger’ room (when in reality that is not the case), even though they share the same facilities.

MORE, REGULAR COMMUNITY EVENTS - utilise courtyard, host bbq’s/themed events, as it is the perfect space for social events. Could be done monthly.

CHECK ALL APPLIANCES WORK – this should be done before the start of the academic year as it leads to a build-up of complaints which could be prevented.


POSSIBILITY OF QUIET FLOOR – I will look into the potential for a quiet floor where less ‘party-going’ residents could stay if they wished to do so and could

Leonora Bowers

Why are you standing?: 

As a second year student who has lived in Frances Gardner House before, I understand the area and the issues that can arise for students living here. I'm good at listening to your concerns and passionate about being able to make a difference for all residents.

Standing for: New Hall - Caledonian Road

Boqian Liu

Why are you standing?: 

As a pre-sessional course student, I have been living in New Hall for three months since the beginning of July. It is my beautiful home and I really love living here with other students from around the world. That’s why I want to stand up for the hall representative to dedicate my efforts to make it an even more beautiful and comfortable place to live. It is a wise choice to vote for me. First thing first, I’m good at working with students and university staffs. This can be proven by my three years working experience in the students’ union of my college when I did my undergraduate degree. This experience ensures that I would stand for the interests of New Hallers properly and communicate smoothly between the UCL and residents. Moreover, although New Hall is home to lots of international students of UCL, it is a fact that the majority of the residents here come from China. Therefore, I believe that, as a Chinese student myself, I would understand them and communicate with them better. Last but not least, I am an easy-going guy who really love making friends! Make your right choice and vote for me :-) !

Standing for: Ramsay Hall/Ian Baker House

Ruth Hill

Why are you standing?: 

Whether you’re here at UCL from the other side of the world or just the other side of London we all want a comfortable, affordable, clean and fun place to live. We want our accommodation to feel like a great home while we study. From over-inflated, poor value for money rent to broken microwaves and blocked sinks you can trust me to challenge issues and get problems solved.

I am a very resourceful and sociable person with experience of representing the needs of others. Resourceful – I can get our voices heard and get things done. Sociable – I’m a team player, an organiser, an ideas person. Experience – as Head girl at my former school I invented, organised and facilitated social events and represented all sixth formers. I now work part-time for a London events agency to help fund my way through university.

I am passionate about making Ramsay Hall and Ian Baker House a better place for us all and I can represent you. I will build solid lines of communication between the University and you, their customers. Above all I will listen to what is important to you and endeavour, campaign and negotiate to make a positive difference.

Eloise Wardell

Why are you standing?: 

Uni should be a fun and enjoyable experience, your accommodation should feel like your home and living in such close proximity with hundreds of others is an ideal opportunity to make new friends and I believe I have the determination to drive through new ideas and opportunities for our halls to make the most out of our year here. Issues such as renting costs, luke-warm showers, ill-equipped kitchens and appliances in the laundry room are some of my top priorities to address. I love socialising and going out yet we all know student loans don’t cover finances for drinks and entry fees, so I’ll aim to secure as much financial support from UCL for events. I’ll encourage more socialisation between international and domestic students through social events and for nights when you don’t fancy going out, I’ll introduce measures to prevent doors from slamming and organise regular, diverse events so there’s something for EVERYONE to enjoy; girls’ nights, movie nights, 'lads’ nights, pizza nights, and more! I’ll run campaigns to push forward YOUR ideas and all you have to do is vote for me 19th - 26th October if you want your first year at uni to be a blast.

Lincoln Lee Ming Tze

Why are you standing?: 

As a resident of Ramsay Hall, I believe all of us want to strive to improve our living conditions. I want to help that process and make it easier. Personally, I like solving problems outside of my studies particularly problems that are directly relevant to me and the people I live with. By improving my own living conditions I will also improve the lives of those living around me, my friends and the people I care about. Furthermore, I've lived in other dormitories before and have experienced fixing problems with food, living conditions and furniture. Hence, I should have enough experience to do a good job in this role. That is why I think I have the necessary motivation to fulfill this role.

I would immediately try to solve these pre-existing problems

1) Fix the dryers in the laundry that aren't working

2) Create a platform for residence to complain about broken furniture which I know is common in the older blocks and help them fix it.

Following this, I would also attempt to:

1) Make the fire alarms less sensitive so that we stop getting false fire drills

2) Greater variety and quality of food

3) Organize some parties