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NUS Conference Delegate
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Dora Dimitrova
The burden of capitalism’s crisis has been forced on ordinary people, while the bosses continue to earn astronomical amounts. The vast majority of us have a bleak future with limited opportunities to look forward to.

I want to see an end to the mental health crisis of my generation, caused in no small part by stress about debt, skyrocketing housing prices, and precarious employment. I want to see an end to privatisation and outsourcing, both on and off campus: the people who keep universities running, from academic and administrative staff to cleaners and security guards, deserve fair contracts and living wages.

We are the first generation in modern history that will be worse off than our parents. Students have the power to fight back, but we need to organise and link up with workers who are also struggling against the system, in mass demonstrations and strikes.

I want to push to transform the NUS into a socialist union that fights the system and actively coordinates solidarity between students’ and workers’ struggles on a national scale. For this, we need to elect bold and uncompromising delegates with socialist ideas: this is why you should vote for me.
Anna Ricks
I’m a highly principled person meaning I will go the extra mile in order to execute my priorities. My main focuses are free education, better mental health services and student-worker solidarity. I strongly believe that education should not only be free but that grants should be reintroduced to make education universally accessible. This is not some far-fetched fantasy as many other European countries provide free education at all levels. In addition, there is a mental health epidemic facing our generation, yet it is low on the Tory's agenda which has resulted in long waiting times and ineffectual treatment. I will fight for an end to the stigma surrounding mental health and strive for more support available to everyone. Furthermore, students are often exploited by zero-hour contracts, long hours, bosses taking their tips and low wages. This is unacceptable, and I will fight for not only student workers’ rights but all workers’ rights. I stand in solidarity with workers! A vote for me is a vote for a more equal society!
Iris Breward
I’m a left wing candidate and intersectional feminist who wants to see tuition fees scrapped and free, accessible education for all. I’m currently involved with Cut the Rent and Justice for University of London Workers, two campaigns which target the marketisation of universities and fight to reclaim the rights of students and workers. I’m committed to representing your needs at conference and I want to push to transform the NUS into an active vehicle for radical change.
Will Raderman
I am standing to be a NUS Conference Delegate, because I really love supporting other students and am super passionate about the work.

My major priority is to propose and support progressive motions that will help the National Union of Students lead the push for addressing and combating climate change. Drastic changes must be made to our energy, food, and transportation systems in order to prevent the global temperature from rising past disastrous levels. If we don’t succeed, hundreds of millions of people will face higher risks of severe drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages. Universities should leading the charge to use only clean energy sources. However, UCL still has not committed to divesting its fossil fuel holdings. Our planet's wellbeing is at stake. UCL, and all other universities, should be committed to investing substantially in clean energy solutions, not fossil fuels. Organizing students at the national level is essential for accomplishing this goal.

My other priorities will be advocating to progress initiatives that will help eradicate student food insecurity, lower postgraduate tuition fees, and institute First Year Forgiveness programs at universities (where students can retake a module from their first year of college that they did poorly in).
Ross Tayler
Defend affordable education!

The marketisation of our education system in recent years has driven up the cost of being a student, making higher education inaccessible to many. We must campaign for the abolition of tuition fees, maintenance grants for all students, and cuts to student rent. In solidarity with staff, the student movement can push for a nationally funded education system, which treats its workers well and remains accessible to all.

Combatting the Hostile Environment

The vicious and racist hostile environment policies of the Tory government have embedded themselves in our higher education institutions. We must defend migrants and international students by agitating against the draconian policing policies being implemented by Universities, including Prevent, registration, and immigration checks.

Take mental health seriously

`Mental health amongst students is declining, and this decline disproportionately affects marginalised groups including trans, working class and international students. These services should be well funded, and easily accessible to all students. We should also work to foster an environment on campus which is more conducive to supporting the wellbeing of students.

About Me: I’m an MSc student, involved in the Students Support the UCU Strikes campaign, as well as Cut the Rent and Justice for University of London Workers. I’ve previously worked as Campaign Secretary for the Exeter Socialist Students, and I’m passionate about building a united student-worker movement to combat the marketisation of our education system.
Chien-Chien Wang
My name is Chien Chien Wang and I am an international student studying in Master of Strategic Management of Projects. The reason why I am running for NUS Conference Delegate and Faculty Rep for Built Environment is simple. I aim to be the person who plays an active role to make contributions by BEING THE VOICE for all students to stand up for our rights.
I have abundant qualities and experiences in supporting me to be a suitable candidate: Leadership, Critical and Organised thinking, Listening and Facilitating skills. Moreover, I have experience of leading and volunteering decision-making meetings in Beijing two years ago.
This time, I will endeavour for the following:
1. Tuition judgment.
2. Healthier and more affordable services: bicycle-sharing system, parking facility and international cuisine, etc.
3. Eco-friendly sustainable campus.
I am keen to take this unique challenge to SHAPE OUR STUDENT LIFES FOR BETTER.
By listening to your “requirements” and demonstrating my qualities, I believe I will fit in this role in the correct direction.

Thank you.
BTW, even though I look naive, I am a 28-year-old mature student.
Chien Chien
Lili Zemplényi
I am committed to providing an excellent representation of UCL at the NUS Conference as a delegate of the Students Union and raising awareness of the student's interest at the national level.
My dedication to serving and representing my community can be illustrated by my previous experiences in the field. In my Hungarian high school, I have served as a president of the Student Council, representing students and protecting their rights for more than two years. Due to my commitment as president, I was elected as a representative of the capital to the National Student Parliament speaking up for the equal representation of disadvantaged students in front of the Ministry of Human Capacities. Additionally, I was the spokesperson of the Hungarian delegation to the European Youth Parliament, Strasbourg, overseeing the work of the deputation.
As an active member of my community, engaged in all relevant issues concerning the student life, I am aware of the wishes, hopes and concerns of the students at UCL. I am not just passionate about speaking up for UCL at the NUS Conference in Glasgow, yet I am confident that my previous experiences make me able to appropriately represent my university.
Justine Canady
I am a socialist feminist and involved in activism on campus.

Free education is within our reach, but we are at a critical point and now is the time to push for it. But we need to actually force the government to push our vision of a free, democratic & accessible education, funded by taxing the rich.

We must fight low pay and precarious work by working with trade unions and build student-worker solidarity on our campuses to end outsourcing.

From absurdly high fees to Brexit negotiations plans to further limit free movement international students are under attack. We have to work up and down the country to defend and extend freedom of movement, for students and all migrants.

I want to push the NUS to be a radical fighting force for the students and workers on our campuses. In order to actually achieve what we want, we must push the NUS not to be cowardly bureaucrats but to be ACTIVISTS!
Nicolas Oung
Capitalism has nothing left to offer us. Ten years of crisis has given us the slowest recovery in capitalist history; ten years of austerity has given us increasing debt and a stalling economy.

For students, this has meant an accelerating marketisation of university, and our education standard has plummeted for it. Today, young graduates not only enter the labour-market owning nothing, but owing £40,000+ crippling debt. We then face a spectrum of unemployment opportunities, zero-hour contracts and underpaid jobs. For the first time since the War our generation faces worse living conditions than its parents’. With the prospects of a new, deeper economic slump, the only way is down.

Unless we fight to bring down this rotten system.

Everywhere the workers – the ordinary people who keep society going - are rising in protest. They form a formidable force that when set in motion could change the World.

It is time that the NUS became an organisation that allies students and workers in this struggle on a national scale. Marxist delegates can push the NUS to fight for bold, socialist policies. This is why you should vote for me for NUS delegate.
Stefanie Cooper
I am studying MA Legal and Political Theory and want to be your NUS Delegate. The National Union of Students needs to be fair, democratic and transparent, and make sure every student has a chance to have their say. The NUS has 7 million members, with the potential to be a formidable campaigning force achieving solid wins for students. Having attended several NUS Conferences as part of my role as Women’s Officer Elect at my alma mater, I am already familiar with the landscape of NUS so can focus on representing you.

I believe in fighting for FREE EDUCATION, increasing living grants, ending exploitative private student loan practices and cancelling graduate debt including international students. I believe in ENDING STATE SURVEILLANCE on campus, refusing to comply with Prevent, abolishing unjust monitoring procedures for visas that turn academic staff into border control and reinstating post-study work visas. I believe in FAIR PAY, increasing the minimum wage to a real living wage, the end of zero-hours contracts and student-worker solidarity. I believe in CUTTING AND CAPPING RENT, as we shouldn’t have to pay more than half our income for a safe roof over our heads at night, and our homes and halls should be fit to live in.

Vote STEFANIE COOPER for a delegate you can believe in!
Piyush Prajapati
I am Piyush Prajapati, aged 27, a qualified architect and currently pursuing a Masters in Urban Design from Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Upon graduating in 2014, I have maintained a good reputation with some of the prestigious Architectural Competition, publications and Community worldwide. I strongly hold an approach on how architecture in future could be answers to all the hitches we face today. I even have gained a wide creative methodology while working in multi-disciplinary genres like Conservation, Interior Design, Building Architecture and Graphic design. My past works have been commended by President of India and have bagged best Architectural thesis for the year 2014.

I am self-motivated, innovative and full of enthusiasm with a strong hold on presenting and interpersonal communication skills. I understand the roles and responsibilities that a Conference delegate should hold while representing UCL. It holds an important and respectful position to formulate the policies aiming towards the welfare of Students and staffs. With a multidisciplinary background, I have been continuously evolving the creative boundaries that I believe are righteously suited for delegate at such position.
Andreea Cuciuc
During my first year at UCL, I faced numerous organizational challenges and issues, but sadly, most of the time, students have no other choice but to close their eyes and get used to it.
My motivation to apply is to have the chance to improve your experience at UCL and to make you feel like your voice is heard. It is taunting to be surrounded by 40000 students, and for most of you, in a different country, away from home. It's really easy to feel alone and too scared to talk, thinking that no one will be listening- I know, I've been there.
 For this reason, I want to make every student realize that they are not just a number on a paper- they are important, their voice matters and each one of you are what gives UCL it's name.
 I hope you trust in me in representing your oppinons and needs as a NUS delegate for the next academic year!
Edgar Sait-Jones
We all know the world’s in dire straits – especially for young people like us. There is, however, reason for optimism. Ordinary people like us have the power in our hands to change the world, and to build a society genuinely based on need, not profit. Last year we saw a glimpse of that power. The biggest strike in the history of Britain’s higher education sector took place, and shook the educational establishment to its core. During the UCU strike staff and students stood together to say a loud and resounding ‘no’ to capitalism’s further encroachment on our education.
This kind of action – students and workers joining together in mass movements of demonstrations and strikes – this is where the drive for change will come from. Our combined strength would dwarf the current powers-that-be.
The NUS needs to play its role in this process too! The NUS has the potential to organise a movement on a national scale, but for this it needs to become a fighting union with radical socialist policies. With Marxist ideas and a bold approach we can transform the NUS into a formidable union. So voting for Marxist candidates like myself will be the beginning of this task.