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LGBT+ Students' Network
Voting closed 10 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Zohar Mendzelevski-Steinberg

Why are you standing?: 

Hi! I'm Zohar, and I'd like to be your LGBT+ Network Disabled Students' rep this academic year. I'm interested in creating community around shared experiences of disability and/or chronic illness and being LGBT+. I regularly curate a zine called Disgender on the experiences of people who are trans/nonbinary and disabled/chronically ill, and the experience has shown me the breadth of our experiences and how much we can gain from coming together despite the often isolating nature of disability.

As your representative, I would focus on three things:

1. Increasing and expanding upon accessibility at LGBT+ Network events

2. Running socials. Whether chill coffee socials or discussion events on particular topics, I would like to create spaces for disabled LGBT+ students to relax, make friends and be heard

3. Creating a resource by and for disabled LGBT+ students so that we can express ourselves, identify with each other's experiences and raise each other's awareness about ways to survive and thrive as students at this intersection. This would take the form of a zine or an online resource

I want to prioritise your voice, so I would love to receive feedback and suggestions from you throughout the year!