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Faculty representatives
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Laure Montangerand
I was the Lead Student Representative for the department of Anthropology last year and have managed to bring forward the most pressing issues in the department as well as helping find the best solutions for them. I was actively giving feedback to the Union on the advances in my department and I now want to take on a bigger challenge and have an impact on a greater scale. I believe seeing how various departments operate and problem-solve will help me find the best tailored solutions for each of them.
Furthermore, I am a very good listener and will always make time to discuss any problems or celebrate the efforts made by the departments to address the students’ concerns. My organisational skills will also be key in representing the faculty as I am committed to making myself as available as I can throughout the year.
If you choose to vote for me you can trust my ability to assert our student perspective and make our voices heard. I am looking forward to improving certain aspects of students’ lives and can only hope you vote for me in this election to empower me to do that!
Lena Fricker
I have been on the UCL Geography Departments SSCC for 3 years running and am co-chairing the committee this year. We have made positive changes like a dissertation mixer between second and third years, implementing exam feedback forms as well as monitoring exam marks due to the strike. I have seen first hand how my department values every student query, and this is something I believe is essential for the growth of a department and faculty at large. I feel that my experience on the SSCC along with my passion to get student voices heard and not ignored by management, make me an ideal candidate for Faculty rep this year.

More specifically, my priorities if elected would be to make sure I keep in close contact with the academic reps from each department in the faculty. This will mean that what is said at SSCC meetings for each department will be directly carried forward at Union meetings. I am also keen to monitor the progress and development of changes in the faculty to see how effective they are to improving the student experience. Overall, I believe my experience and eagerness to get involved stand me as a great Faculty rep.
Nikita Gubankov
My name is Nikita, and I am a second-year doing History with Spanish! This year I want to make a real change by representing you as the SHS Faculty Rep. I have a lot of experience with regards to student representation – in high school I was the Chair of the International Students forum, as well as one of the trustees of the Students’ Forum. Looking at the way some societies were run at UCL, I feel that I have experience, skills (communication and teamwork), and motivation to become the Faculty rep.

If I am to be elected, I will:

1) Actively collect a range of student opinions of all programmes, being responsive to all the queries.
2) Establish a rapport with the academic reps for a smoother communication between students and the Faculty.
3) Further encourage the Faculty members to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.
4) Push for clarity over the Lecturecast situation. Given the substantiality of the courses, lecture catch-up would be beneficial.
5) Further advertise the academic support services available, such as the Writing Lab.

I hope that I will be able to make a positive change for you, if you vote for me! Thank you for reading!
Kamran Hussain

I’ve represented student bodies at every stage of my educational career from primary school through to Sixth Form. I have been successful in holding executive staff accountable and increasing break times amongst other things during my various student council representative roles.

More importantly, I will persist and deliver the qualms of the faculty of SHS with the utmost confidence in this role as faculty representative. I won’t be a pushover and fight for our demands during the meetings!

I intend to:

1. Keep ‘unmanned’ departmental study rooms/spaces open for longer.
2. Allow free mobility and study space access across departmental buildings.
3. Ensure that feedback is as consistent as can be across departmental personnel by setting minimum word counts for coursework feedback. No more ‘okay’, ‘hmmm’, ‘good’!
4. LectureCast to be utilised by every staff member at every lecture and to be uploaded within 10 days of delivery.

I hope you get the sense that I will focus in on my action points but will also be accessible, and open-minded to any new suggestions. I want people to feel comfortable in discussing their issues with me and feel empowered to make change.

Thank you for reading,