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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 8 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Rory Alexander

Why are you standing?: 

I am extremely passionate about student welfare, having made full use of student support services in the lead up to my transferring to UCL from Cambridge (best choice I ever made). As a student of Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies, I have a strong sense of the interdisciplinary nature of the Bartlett community, and am well positioned to ensure that students from all subjects are able to express any concerns or ideas about our department and wider university. I will speak up for students in situations where poor organisation of courses, room-bookings and timetables is often blamed on wider UCL practices, instead pushing to ensure that tangible steps are taken to improve student experience. I also want to make sure that we continue to build on the principle of Access within the Bartlett, ensuring that our department is a place where students from any background can flourish. This means supporting students who face financial burdens, and creating a community which cerebrates diversity in gender, race, sexuality and differing ability. I will challenge the unhealthy ideals of a Bartlett-specific work-ethic and ensure that the provision of the welfare and support services students deserve is effective and inclusive.

Kin Lei

Why are you standing?: 

In my value judgement system, the more I contribute, the more enriched my university life will be. In the other words, being able to make contribution is intrinsically a happiness for me. Faculty representative is obviously a role full of power to enhance the welfare of students, which is exactly what I always aspire for, and that is why I decide to run for this position.

Though it is powerful, its power cannot be materialized without competence. By being the President of Macau Overseas Student Association, London United Kingdom and the IV Convenor of UCL Debating Society last year, together with my experience as Year 1 representative, I am now strongly confident that I am capable of being an effective representative. For instance, in term two of last year, after realising deadlines clustered, which placed heavy workloads on our class, I gathered the opinions from the class and communicated with the tutors regarding to that, and successfully postponed one deadline by one week. If I am given with the chance to be faculty representative, I will definitely be devoted and capable to use it to strive for the best welfare for our class.