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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 1 year ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Chien-Chien Wang
My name is Chien Chien Wang and I am an international student studying in Master of Strategic Management of Projects. The reason why I am running for Faculty Rep for Built Environment and NUS Conference Delegate is simple. I aim to be the person who plays an active role to make contributions by BEING THE VOICE for all students to stand up for our rights.
I have abundant qualities and experiences in supporting me to be a suitable candidate: Leadership, Critical and Organised thinking, Listening and Facilitating skills. Moreover, I have experience of leading and volunteering decision-making meetings in Beijing two years ago.
This time, I will endeavour for the following:
1. Tuition judgment.
2. Healthier and more affordable services: bicycle-sharing system, parking facility and international cuisine, etc.
3. Eco-friendly sustainable campus.
I am keen to take this unique challenge to SHAPE OUR STUDENT LIFES FOR BETTER.
By listening to your “requirements” and demonstrating my qualities, I believe I will fit in this role in the correct direction.
Thank you.
BTW, even though I look naive, I am a 28-year-old mature student.
Chien Chien
Piyush Prajapati
Jiantao Xu
Hello everyone, firstly I would like to introduce myself briefly. I just graduated from university of Liverpool and now i am studying in EPEE department. I served as a student representative of the economics department for two years during my undergraduate years. Therefore, I have some relevant experience and understand the importance of student representatives in improving and helping university in various aspects. On the other hand, I wish to help students to get a better experience in universities and make kinds of friends.
Rikaad Laloo
I am believe I am suited to this role based on my work experience where providing a link with staff/clientele and management was a key part of my job. As your rep my priority would be to normalize class room locations and organizing socials with the Postgraduate groups. This I believe is important at this level, networking with fellow postgraduates across the many faculties potentially easing the process of pursuing projects that require you to work with other postgraduate programs. Additionally, I will seek to determine your needs through your program reps and assist in meeting them, fostering an inclusive and safe study environment for you!