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Why are you standing?: 

I am standing to be a NUS Conference Delegate, because I really love supporting other students and am super passionate about the work.

My major priority is to propose and support progressive motions that will help the National Union of Students lead the push for addressing and combating climate change. Drastic changes must be made to our energy, food, and transportation systems in order to prevent the global temperature from rising past disastrous levels. If we don’t succeed, hundreds of millions of people will face higher risks of severe drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages. Universities should leading the charge to use only clean energy sources. However, UCL still has not committed to divesting its fossil fuel holdings. Our planet's wellbeing is at stake. UCL, and all other universities, should be committed to investing substantially in clean energy solutions, not fossil fuels. Organizing students at the national level is essential for accomplishing this goal.

My other priorities will be advocating to progress initiatives that will help eradicate student food insecurity, lower postgraduate tuition fees, and institute First Year Forgiveness programs at universities (where students can retake a module from their first year of college that they did poorly in).