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Why are you standing?: 

I am studying MA Legal and Political Theory and want to be your NUS Delegate. The National Union of Students needs to be fair, democratic and transparent, and make sure every student has a chance to have their say. The NUS has 7 million members, with the potential to be a formidable campaigning force achieving solid wins for students. Having attended several NUS Conferences as part of my role as Women’s Officer Elect at my alma mater, I am already familiar with the landscape of NUS so can focus on representing you.

I believe in fighting for FREE EDUCATION, increasing living grants, ending exploitative private student loan practices and cancelling graduate debt including international students. I believe in ENDING STATE SURVEILLANCE on campus, refusing to comply with Prevent, abolishing unjust monitoring procedures for visas that turn academic staff into border control and reinstating post-study work visas. I believe in FAIR PAY, increasing the minimum wage to a real living wage, the end of zero-hours contracts and student-worker solidarity. I believe in CUTTING AND CAPPING RENT, as we shouldn’t have to pay more than half our income for a safe roof over our heads at night, and our homes and halls should be fit to live in.

Vote STEFANIE COOPER for a delegate you can believe in!