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Why are you standing?: 

I have been on the UCL Geography Departments SSCC for 3 years running and am co-chairing the committee this year. We have made positive changes like a dissertation mixer between second and third years, implementing exam feedback forms as well as monitoring exam marks due to the strike. I have seen first hand how my department values every student query, and this is something I believe is essential for the growth of a department and faculty at large. I feel that my experience on the SSCC along with my passion to get student voices heard and not ignored by management, make me an ideal candidate for Faculty rep this year.

More specifically, my priorities if elected would be to make sure I keep in close contact with the academic reps from each department in the faculty. This will mean that what is said at SSCC meetings for each department will be directly carried forward at Union meetings. I am also keen to monitor the progress and development of changes in the faculty to see how effective they are to improving the student experience. Overall, I believe my experience and eagerness to get involved stand me as a great Faculty rep.