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Students' Unions are led by their students, who they are is up to you

Each year the students that you elect in March set to work and make positive change at the Union, UCL and beyond. They're empowered to fight to improve your university experience, learn skills that will stick with them for life and have listen as you tell them what you want and need. 

Get the results

Find out how the votes went and find out more about the elected officers, here

Meet the candidates

The first step to getting involved with the Leadership Election is to check out the candidates. Go to this page to see which positions you can vote on and who wants to represent you in those roles. 

You can also see what they have to say for themselves in the videos from our Question and Answer event, where all of the full time candidates gave a summary of why they were standing and answered your questions. You can see the videos here

Vote before 8 March

Our system of voting is called STV, which stands for Single Transferable Vote. This means you order candidates by preference, from the one you’d most like to win, to the one you’d least like, and if your preferred candidate gets knocked out (by having the least over all votes), we’ll transfer your vote to your next preference. 

Still wondering what elected student leaders do?

Take a look at some of the impacts they've made over the past term. 

Attendance Monitoring Referendum

As well as asking you to vote for your Student Leaders, we also asked you thought about UCL's proposals to spend £600,000 implementing an all student attendance monitoring system. The system would be used to keep track of whether or not you are regularly attending your contact hours. It has also been proposed that should your attendance fall below 70%, you would be barred from sitting the assessment for that part of your course. 

3,573 of you voted

88% voted against attendance monitoring

86% disagreeing with the 70% threshold 

We will use these results in our lobbying of UCL. UCL are still consulting on this work and we will make sure your voice is heard