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Leadership Election 2018. Put yourself forward to be a leader. Nominate Now

Students’ Unions are led by their students. Could you be a student leader?

Each year the students that you elect in March set to work and make positive change at the Union, UCL and beyond. They’re empowered to fight to improve your university experience, learn skills that will stick with them for life and have listen as you tell them what you want and need. And now it’s your chance to do the same.

Take on a Leadership Role, either paid or voluntary, and start making more happen at UCL. Read about the roles here.

Nominate yourself by 19 February at 12:00, then submit your manifesto by 21 February at 12:00.

Still wondering what elected student leaders do?

Take a look at some of the impacts they’ve made over the past term. 

Got questions?

We are always here to answer them, and we also have a useful FAQs here that covers the worries some past candidates have had, including about visas and taking a break from study. We’ve created a handy presentation for anyone thinking of standing, watch it here.