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UCL Greenough Society is all about the Earth. We cater for everyone, with interests from oil and gas, to palaeontology, and even venturing beyond the Earth to the rest of the galaxy. Throughout the year we aim to provide an exciting environment full of a variety of activities. From careers to socials, we are a comprehensive society with a friendly attitude. Our speakers are hand picked from the best companies and organisations to provide you with the best learning experience within Earth Sciences. Also, we have networking opportunities to help make connections for your future, whether it be internships, volunteering or full-time jobs, all across a variety of academic fields. 

Our socials are not to be missed, and are a key element to our society, with much fun and entertainment. We have a variety of social events for everyone, including our prestigious Christmas Party and an annual field trip to really bring the society together. We are very welcoming and lots of fun, so don’t hesitate to join! 

Date established: 
September 1904