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Cricket Club (RUMS)

Successful on the field and inclusive and friendly off it, RUMS Cricket is a flourishing club which offers a fantasti

Football Club (RUMS Men's)

We are RUMSFC, the Medics' Men's Football Club at UCL.

Hockey Club (RUMS Women's)

Welcome to RUMS Women's Hockey Club, the friendliest club in RUMS. We have 3 teams ranging from the elite to complete beginners so we have something for everyone!

Football Club (RUMS Women's)

RUMS Women’s football is, without a doubt, the most fun, friendly and generally lovely group of girls in the whole of

Netball Club (RUMS)

RUMS Netball encompasses a club that is; welcoming, supportive and social as well as offering a great way to keep fit

Rugby Club (RUMS Men's)

Welcome to RUMS Rugby, the rugby union team of the Royal Free, University College, and Middlesex Medical Students

Badminton Club (RUMS)

The club for medics who have reflexes and speed, combined with a love for rackets.

Hockey Club (RUMS Men's)

RUMS Men’s Hockey Club provides a friendly atmosphere, an active social scene as well as an enjoyable way of staying

Music Society (RUMS)

RUMS Music is a fun and inclusive space to nurture and showcase the musical talent within RUMS and UCL.

We take a relaxed approach to playing all kinds of music, welcoming all abilities from beginner to professional.

We run multiple music groups, volunteer and hold concerts where groups and soloists alike can exhibit their musical skills.

So whatever you play, however well you sing, come and have a go!

Tennis Club (RUMS)

Whether you are a seasoned tennis competitor, have never picked up a racket before, or are simply just looking for a