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Korean Society

Welcome to UCL Korean Society! UCL Korean Society (UCLKS) is the largest Students’ Union Korean society in the UK, striving to become a bridge between the nation and Korean students. UCLKS seeks to expand social and professional opportunities based on common ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Eurasian Business Society

Welcome to the UCL Eurasian Business Society!

(Formerly known as Russian Business Society)

Arab & North African Society

أهلاً و سهلاً and Welcome to UCL Arab & North African Society, 

Australia and New Zealand Society

G’day mate! The Australia and New Zealand Society is the platform to meet people from Australia and New Zealand as well as people interested in Australia or New Zealand.  

Lithuanian Society

UCL Lithuanian Society aims to bring together Lithuanians of UCL as well as other students interested in Lithuanian culture. 

Thai Society

UCL Thai Society provides Thai students a main platform to connect, contact and socialise.

Chilean Society

The UCLU Chilean Society aims to become the meeting place for all UCL members who are interested and/or connected to Chile’s culture, history or identity.

East African Society

A place where everyone is welcome to enjoy community, laughter and games. We want to educate you about East African countries, teach our languages and help people get in touch with our cultures and traditions. Come and a find family!

Mexican Society

¡Hola! People from all over the world are welcome in this effort to share Mexican culture.

Portuguese Speaking Society

UCL Portuguese Speaking Society aims to promote and diffuse the Portuguese language and culture of all countries that are part of the CPLP, and emphasize the truly international nature of Portuguese culture.