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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling martial art which promotes the concept that proper technique can overcome untrained strength and that a martial art needs to constantly pressure test its techniques to actually work. BJJ focuses on getting to the fight to the ground using takedowns, and then advancing to a dominant position on the ground using sweeps and passes where joint-locks and chokeholds can be used to end the fight. We train for both competition and self defense. 

UCLBJJ is very welcoming to new members, from complete beginners to experienced grapplers especially considering out members already vary greatly in experience and grappling skill.

Our coaches are highly experienced and highly accomplished grapplers, who frequently compete at high levels so their instruction is always clear, technical and easy to understand. UCLBJJ also has a tight-knit active and inclusive community, being the second largest martial arts/combat sports society with frequent socials and a welcoming environment on the mats. 


 £25 Full Membership- Gives you access to everything: in person classes, online videos, class recordings and socials.

£10 Remote Activity Membership- Gives you access to online videos, class recordings and socials. This membership can be refunded at any time if you wish to upgrade to full membership.

Free Remote Membership- Gives you access to all the socials and newsletters so you can be part of the community or find out more about the club. You can upgrade this membership at any point to either tier if you wish to become more involved. 


Monday 15:10-16:05

Monday 16:25-17:20

Saturday 11:40-12:35

Sunday 15:25-16:20

Members are only allowed to attend one class on Monday

We look forward to sharing the mats with you all!

 Pride in Sport Accredited

Date established: 
November 2013