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UCL Women’s Basketball embodies UCL’s privilege of being renowned as ‘London’s global university’ as players unite from all over the world to have fun, improve their game and form a team known for our fair-play mentality and strong team spirit. The club takes pride in this international aspect and the huge interest from overseas students is reflected as we are expanding steadily year by year.

To cater for players of all levels, we have 2 more competitive teams in BUCS leagues and a social team in LUSL league. More experienced players compete in BUCS against teams from across the south-east, while the improving players and beginners have the opportunity to play other London universities in LUSL. Our teams also play the BUCS and LUSL Cups during the season. Training hard twice a week ensures that players are fit and confident to win games throughout the season. Additionally, this year our 1st team is part of the TeamUCL High Performance programme and will benefit from additional Strength and Conditioning sessions, which will surely help us place higher in the league tables. Of course, we cannot forget the highly anticipated Varsity against Kings on March, in which we will defend the Champions' title that we currently hold.

Off court, the team meets after matches to unwind over drinks, games and music on sports night, and at many other socials, including several alchohol-free socials, throughout the year. Additionally, we always try to support all of our teams when our matches aren't at the same time, as well as the men's teams sometimes, which sometimes join us for sports nights too.

All of us at UCLWB are friendly and we would love to see you in the Freshers' Fair and taster sessions, and welcome you to the club.

Give our facebook page "UCL Women's Basketball" a follow to stay in the loop of upcoming events and feel free to message us on facebook if you have any doubts.

Hope to see you soon!

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited