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The UCL American Football Club (the UCL Emperors) was re-established in October 2015. The club competes in BUCS 2A Division South and finished last year with a 5-2 record, followed by the playoffs. We also compete in UCL's  Varsity Series against Kings.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, competitive club, providing any student the opportunity to be involved in the UK’s fastest growing sport. We focus heavily on the development of individual players with an experienced coaching staff from around the world.

We train on Wednesdays at Hampstead Heath and on Sundays at New River Sports and Fitness. 

Training schedule 2018-19:
SENIOR CAMP - Sunday 22rd September 4pm (all welcome)
SENIOR CAMP - Wednesday 25th September 3pm (all welcome)
SENIOR CAMP - Sunday 29th September 4pm (all welcome)
Try Out SESSION - Wednesday 2nd October 3pm 
ROOKIE CAMP - Sunday 6th October 3:30pm

For more information, please email
We are the UCL Emperors.

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited

Date established: 
October 2015