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Colours and Awards are your chance to appreciate individuals, events or clubs and societies that have done something great.

Awards are a series of unique awards that are given to various individuals, events or clubs and societies. They are broken down into three types: Arts Awards, Sports Awards and Societies Awards.  

Colours are given to individuals who have greatly contributed to Club and Society life at Student’s Union UCL. The awards are broken down into three types: Arts Colours, Sports Colours and Societies Colours. Within each of those types, there are three categories of award: Commendations, Colours and Centenary Colours.

If you’d like to know more about how winners are selected and how we make sure it’s all fair, there’s more info here

How to nominate

Step 1

Complete the nomination form you need before the deadline. Each nomination form will have the full list of nomination criteria and further information.

Step 2

If you want to hand in supporting material such as publicity, photos or videos, then you should hand this in to the Sabbatical suite (4th Floors, 25 Gordon Street) by the same deadline.

Step 3

Those who win will be listed on the Roll of Honour in the second half of Term 2. These names are announced at one of three events: the Arts Ball, the Sports Ball or the Societies Reception. The dates of these will be confirmed nearer the time. 

Nomination entry deadline: 9:00am Friday 13th April 2018

Previous Winners

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