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Fossil Free UCL is a campaign to break UCL’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. This includes investments by UCL, research funding by fossil fuel companies and advertising and sponsorship deals. See our petition for our full demands and see the Fossil Free UCL website for more information.

Why is this important?

Climate change has already caused millions to lose their lives and livelihoods after only one degree of global average warming. ‘Business as usual’ scenarios see us facing up to six degrees of warming and hundreds of millions suffering. It’s time to wake up and take action.

It’s time to take this problem on at its source: the fossil fuel companies. If it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. UCL cannot continue to use its funds from students, alumni, trusts and grant-making bodies to fund fossil fuel companies through its portfolio of investments.

UCL’s academics show a strong consensus on the effects of climate change, taking it into account in their research and making constructive proposals for how we can respond to and overcome it as a society. UCL is giving money to further this positive research yet chooses to invest in the fossil fuel industry, the root cause of climate change. This shows massive disrespect to their own staff, to the future of their students, and to all those around the world suffering the effects of climate change.

We call for UCL to come clean on its ties with the fossil fuel industry, to break those ties, and to shore up its ethical partnership and investment criteria to ensure ties like these are never made again. Our demands are outlined in full above.


Check out this great guide to frequently asked questions by Fossil Free Yale.

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