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“At UCL Engineering, volunteering is at the core of our engagement strategy. It is about making a real difference and collectively contributing towards a more culturally and scientifically engaged society. We are extremely passionate about inspiring and enabling the next generation of engineers and innovators to change the world.

“Volunteering provides a unique opportunity to engage with young audiences and give them a fantastic experience on a particular subject. From festivals, taster days and summer schools through to mentoring programmes, hands-on activities, research placements and after-school clubs, our student volunteers support a plethora of volunteering initiatives.

“Examples of our student volunteering include our involvement in over 40 Camden primary schools with Code Club and Google to run coding clubs; setting up a Student Special Interest Group with over 80 students to support teaching in schools; science and engineering demonstrations from our students at school open days and university taster days; as well as academic tutoring programmes for young people. These are just some examples of student volunteering at our faculty.

“Success of our activities and events unquestionably depends on the vital contribution of student volunteers - their passion and active engagement brings events to life and they act as role models to young people.

“For students, volunteering helps them develop invaluable transferable skills and qualities, identifying effective ways of communicating their subject-specific knowledge in an accessible, straightforward and engaging manner to audiences of different ages and levels of prior understanding.”
Dr. Elpida Makrygianni
Engineering Education Developer & Coordinator
UCL Engineering