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Following on from my open letter to the Provost on 16 February about the strike action, we received the response below from UCL. 

Dear Sarah

Thank you for your email. The Provost has asked me to respond.

UCL is keenly aware of the importance of maintaining a secure and affordable pension for all staff.

The changes to the USS pension are still proposals and a formal consultation with scheme members is now under way. UCL is participating in the consultation and we will be encouraging staff to share their ideas to make the scheme sustainable now, and for the future.

You may find the following resources useful:

· USS explain their proposed changes to the pension scheme

· Statement from UCL HR Director, Fiona Ryland

· Universities UK (UUK) explain the proposed changes

To address your specific questions in turn:

  1. The impact of the strike will vary from module to module, so we will have to take appropriate steps depending on the circumstances, mindful of the principle that students should not be disadvantaged in assessments and examinations as a result of the strike.            
  2. Students will not be penalised, in line with the attendance requirements in Regulations, for teaching events missed as a result of strike action.
  3. Tier 4 students can go to their teaching administrator to have their attendance recorded in the event of there being no lectures/classes.
  4. The question of missed teaching and extenuation will be dealt with depending on the impact on that module, as it will vary from case to case. Students will be advised what to do when we have a better idea of the impact of the strike, however, it makes sense that if it has an impact across the board, we deal with it generically in order to be fair to students, rather than asking for individuals to provide individual requests for mitigation.
  5. At the present time, UCL is not considering any form of financial compensation.

UCL expects that, where teaching is going ahead on days when some staff may be striking, students will continue to attend as normal.


Wendy Appleby
Registrar and Head of Student and Registry Services
Secretary to Council


UCL has also provided further information for students who are affected by the strike action. 

We are continuing to get clarification on the timeframes for when students will be advised of what to do or what will happen after the impact of the strikes are known.  We also urging UCL to consider financial compensation to students who have missed teaching and contact hours, especially as students voted to mandate us to campaign on fee refunds at our General Assembly on 20 February. 

We will continue to push UCL for greater clarification and to act on their commitment that students should not be disadvantaged as a result of the strike. 

We will keep you updated through our webpage on the strike action which we are continuing to update.