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I’m really happy to say that on 25th June we’ll be hosting our first ever Research Student Conference. The theme will be on ‘interdisciplinary research’ and looks set to be an exciting day – we’ll be hearing from student researchers across the university, and will hopefully become an annual flagship event for our Postgraduate Association to celebrate the breadth and diversity of our academic community here at UCL.

The event will open at midday in the School of Pharmacy before moving to a plenary on the challenges of studying a PhD in 2018: we’ll be hearing from a range of perspectives, from UCU to university management, and will have time for some open discussion afterwards.

We’ll then move to a series of presentations from PhD researchers themselves sharing their work with conference attendees with time for questions and discussion; we’ve got it all lined up, everything from the history of the American cinema concession stand to 3D (bio)printing in medicine. I’m personally particularly excited to hear from Manuela Irarrazabal on Greek tragedy and cognitive sciences.

While the presenters are all undertaking PhDs, the event is open to everyone. As well as holding practical workshops for PhD students (and interested taught students) on skills development and teaching as postgraduate researchers, we’ll also be hosting a session for anyone interested in undertaking a PhD in the future.

The day will wrap up with wine and soft drinks and above all else our Three Minute Thesis competition. We’ve run this for many years now, and the challenge is simple; you have 180 seconds to condense years of PhD research into an engaging and succinct presentation! It’s always great fun – in the past, UCL’s winner has gone on to compete in the national final, and this year we’ll obviously be aiming to win (so get prepped).

Hopefully see you there – don’t miss out!