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UCLU Women’s Network have today launched a pledge which clubs and societies can sign to show thier commitment to ending sexual harassment on campus.

Content note: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assualt and Consent.

Research conducted by NUS and reported widely in the mainstream press this summer reveales that 1 in 4 students suffer from unwanted sexual advances.

UCLU define sexual harassment as any unwanted and/or persistent behaviour of a sexual nature.

This includes:

  • Sexual comments (including comments about someone’s body or private life).
  • Sexual invitations, innuendos, and offensive gestures.
  • Wolf whistling, catcalling, or offensive sexual noises.
  • Groping, pinching or smacking someone’s body.
  • Tugging, pulling or lifting up someone’s clothing.
  • Exposure of sexual organs.

Societies who sign the pledge will receive a Zero Tolerance badge to display on their Welcome Fair stall and webpage. Further to this you will receive training and support from the Women’s Officer.

As well as the pledge this Friday volunteers will be out and about at our various venues talking with fellow students about consent, spreading a postitive message about what it means and why it’s always necessary. So keep an eye out for those unmissable I <3 Consent T-shirts and stickers!