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Written by Women’s Hockey Club President, Women’s Hockey Club held a wonderful event for the Elderly…

‘On Monday 19 March UCL Women’s Hockey Club held their annual Easter Tea Party. Elderly members of the community were invited to UCL to partake in a wonderful afternoon of activities, which included musical performances and a very tense game of bingo.

As the group arrived two UCL pianists played some well-known classical pieces, and members of the Hockey Club greeted their guests. The club had pulled together its culinary talents to provide an expansive array of treats for our guests that included everything from Malva Pudding to Brownies. The guests enjoyed the treats on offer and talking to members of our club over a cup of tea.

This community brings together elderly individuals….and includes everyone to become one big family

The students and elderly individuals shared stories from their lives, as they learnt move about UCLWHC and we learnt all about the activities organised by their community, which ranges from pottery classes to sports sesions. This community brings together these elderly individuals who all live within a certain radius in London, and includes everyone to become one big family; one lovely lady who attended was 102 and another couple had been married for over 60 years.

After the chit-chat a game of bingo was started, ran by two of the students. The traditional calls were used ‘Knock at the Door, 4’, ‘Pick and Mix, 26’ which caused a few giggles throughout. Each club member had paired up with one of the guests, and the competitive spirit was noticeable as several Easter Eggs were on offer. Notably, one of the guests was blind and had brought her own bingo sheet with her, which she had memorized the numbers so was able to join in, and brilliantly, she wont the first full house!

Guests had a wonderful afternoon and are very much looking forward to the next Easter Tea Party

Some of the guests have been coming to the Tea Party for several years, since the tradition was started, and said it was one of their favourite events of the year. Both club members and guests had a wonderful afternoon and are all very much looking forward to the next Easter Tea Party. We are also hoping to organize another summer activity, perhaps visiting this community, as we hope to continue this relationship for many years to come!’

To find out more about Women’s Hockey Club you can head to their Directory page here, or visit their Facebook page here.