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It’s important to us that we don’t lose any student that is passionate about making a difference at UCL. Previous experience, existing networks and resources are all secondary to passion and enthusiasm.

So, to make sure that every student has the support they need to feel confident in standing for a role and running a successful campaign, we’ve got the following support in place to help. 

Making your decision

It’s sometimes helpful to get a better idea of what you can achieve by standing for a leadership role, or what the day-to-day reality of holding on of the roles could be. If you want to get in touch and ask any questions, we’d love to answer them (although, remember, you only have until 19 Feb to submit an official nomination). Just pop us an email. 

Or, if you’d prefer, you can browse our FAQs and take a look through out Thinking of Standing briefing. If you’re thinking of a sabb role, we can also arrange for you to spend some shadowing the person already doing the job. You can go to meetings with them, get an idea of the big issues they’re working on and see if you can picture yourself in the sabb suite.

Ways to get elected

If ‘writing a manifesto’ or ‘running a campaign’ don’t mean much to you, don’t panic. We’re putting on a few workshops to help you develop a good manifesto (the list of things you’d like to achieve if you were elected) and to share some top tips on campaigning (convincing people to vote for you). If you’d like to join us for any of the following workshops just email  

Manifesto Writing Workshops

08 February 13:00-14:00 Wilkins Garden Room
16 February 13:00-14:00 Chadwick G07
19 February 13:00-14:00 Anatomy, Gavin De Beer LT
19 February 18:30-19:30 Christopher Ingold G21 Ramsay LT

Campaigning Workshops

23 February  13:00-14:00 25 Gordon Street, Room 404
26 February 18:30-19:30 Chadwick G07


We supply each candidate with a budget for your campaign. You can’t spend money outside of this budget, or use any resources that wouldn’t be equally available to all of the other candidates. This means that no one ends up out of pocket, or has any unfair advantages.

Support during campaigning

Be sure to pencil in the Candidates’ Briefing. It’s a compulsory event for anyone who is running and takes place on 22 February at 18:30 Malet Place Engineering 1.20. It will provide you with the full schedule of events and opportunities for the elections.

Throughout the campaigning period, we have regular breakfasts, chances to meet with Union staff to let off steam and recharge your batteries. We’ll also be contactable by email throughout.

Leading your club or society

Speak directly to your club or society current President. They’ll be able to tell you about the role and others that may be of interest. You can also come along to the Activities Officer surgery hours every Monday 12.00-13.00 or Thursdays 13.00-14.00 at Student Activities. Email for any other specific queries.

Nominate yourself

The deadline to submit your nomination is 12:00 on 19 February. Submit your nomination now.