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UCell are a team of PhD students, lecturers and industrial partners working on electricity production from hydrogen.  Our aim is to demonstrate the real potential of alternative energies by providing fuel cell generated electricity to events, along with public engagement and demonstrations to inform and educate about fuel cells and energy technologies in general.

Our mobile fuel cell system has visited the likes of Green Man and Glastonbury, where we provided power to a performance stage and festival goers’ phones, respectively.

We have also visited schools and careers fairs to extend our outreach and diversify our audience as we hope to engage people of all ages from all walks of life about alternative energies; both to gauge their attitudes, knowledge, and fears of new technologies and to inform and inspire them of all the research that is being conducted to improve and commercialise it. 

Since the team’s formation in 2011, it has continued to grow, gaining specialists in not only fuel cells, but also in everything from battery to nuclear technology.  Thanks to a Step Out grant from UCL’s Public Engagement Unit, to provide travel and sustenance for the team, there will be a larger UCell presence at Green Man 2014 than ever before, with the aim of engaging an even wider audience.

For more information about the team, our work, and how to get in touch, visit our website.

To find out more about setting up your own community project, visit the Volunteering Services Unit grants webpage or email Oliver Peachey.