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Did you know you can promote your Club and Society events through UCLU?  Whether you’re putting on a show, raising money for charity, planning a trip, or just want to get your name out there, we can help!

UCLU’s buildings are fitted with lockable posterboards to display your posters.  And even better, to save your getting blue-taccy, we will put them up for you!  We have poster runs on Tuesdays and Fridays and you can drop off up to 15 A3 posters to the Marketing Office on the 2nd Floor of the Lewis’s Building.  

We also have three banner spaces on the railings outside 25 Gordon Street and the Lewis’s building.  If you want to get a vinyl banner advertising what you’re up to then book it here.  You can also use the same booking form to book promotional stall space in either of those buildings. Banners and Stalls can be booked for a maximum of a week at a time.  

If you’re feeling a bit more hi-tech then you could go for putting together an ad for our plasma screens.  The screens are located around the Lewis’s Building in the Receptions area, the Cafe and the Bars and all you need to do is send your 1280x720 image as a .png or .jpg file to  Remember, there is a news ticker across the bottom of the screen so don’t put any valuable information in the bottom 3cm or so!

For anyone who thinks they might need a bit of guidance in terms of how best to promote what they’re doing there is a useful how to here.