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On 2 February, the African Carribean Society put on a mega-show which included dancing, drama, spoken word and a fashion show. There was a lot going on, but it was Panafrik 2019 after all, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular and why it sold out! 


Broadcasting the best of African and Caribbean talent at UCL, the show was really something to behold and during the night there were even special guests to add to it all! The night was a perfect mix between laughter and thought-provoking performances on issues such as discrimination against queer people and child marriage.   

The fashion show featured both traditional clothing and stunning carnival costumes, in celebration of Nigerian, Ghanaian, Algerian and so many more African cultures. The comedy sketches had the crowd in stitches, and the music really made it difficult to stay in my seat.

There was a mix of traditional and modern music, and the highlights for me were the very talented saxophone player (@koyesax), and the finale led by special guest The Mayor of Lagos - THE MAYOR OF LAGOS came along!!! The spoken word artists were very powerful and their performance was thought-provoking and eloquent. As a part of the play surrounding the theme of child marriage, I found the performers tackled a heavy topic in a creative way, still managing to have some comedic relief and showcasing some really powerful acting.

The finale was the best way to end the night, with the whole crew coming up to dance and sing on stage with the Mayor of Lagos. The atmosphere was so positive and free, with everyone belting out the lyrics to ‘Che Che’. The night was the epitome of good energy, and to round off the night there was some delicious food which was a nice surprise; jollof rice and jerk chicken with rice and peas. You won’t go to an ACS event and leave hungry!

There’s only one performance of Panafrik each year, but keep your eyes out for the 2020 performance and don’t miss it when it comes round next time!

If you want to see what other events are on then head on over to the Bloomsbury Spotlight page. There’s going to be a Society Spotlight event coming up, a dance show and the opera! 

Written by Farida