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With Varsity fast approaching RUMS Women’s Hockey would like to introduce you to this year’s squad. After a heartbreaking 5-2 loss last year the team are our strongest yet, and hoping to win back that coveted trophy.

Frankie Bügg - Goal Keeper

Frankie is a whole year older than all the other third years in the team - a fact you should never forget. This extra year of wisdom has helped her to scrape into this season’s Varsity team. Frankie couldn’t be more excited for her second ever Varsity performance. Known to family and friends as ‘Mooncup’, let’s hope Frankie does as good a job of stopping goals are stopping the flow of banter. You’ll never be stuck for conversation with our number 1 goalie - just bring up ski seasons and you’ll be almost as old as Frankie before you know it.

Cara Rocks - Defence 

One of our impenetrable defensive duo, Cara is a Rock at centre back. Our number 1 Harry Potter fan is currently working hard to develop some legilimency magic to get the team in sync. She may be one of the most trustworthy players on the pitch, but don’t give this sassy second year your goalie kit unless it wants a free trip to Heathrow Terminal 5. Quick heads up for GKT forwards - starting a conversation with this trusty defender is probably a mistake unless you want an astrology lecture outlining why all star signs are a lie.

Amy Foulkes (Vice Captain) - Defence

The second of our defensive duo, it could be argued that Amy is the only one that really understands what Cara is thinking on the pitch. Our very own Kate Richardson-Walsh, the team wouldn’t be the same without her. Amy’s ability to stop balls on the line could give any keeper a run for their money (watch out Frankie…). This captain in the making is one of the most reliable players both on and off the pitch and should have GKT’s forwards quaking in their astros.

Elin Hughes - Defence

Currently number 1 runner for the most illustrious prize in the RUMSWHC 1st XI team, it is almost impossible for anyone in the side to beat Elin to Dick of the Season. For a long time this was blamed on her dodgy kit, but even after video evidence of her astro disposal, she has still stormed ahead in the rankings. However this should not outshine her hockey. Elin’s reliability at left back is obvious, especially when she manages to stay on her feet for more than half the game. Despite performing well in both league and cup games, it could be argued that the team’s greatest achievement this season has been breaking through Elin’s relationship barrier into the ‘more than colleagues’ zone.

Brogan Rudge - Defence

Probably skilled enough to take on every player on the GKT team, Brogan is definitely one to watch. The most capped RUMS player on the team, her expertise at right back is completely invaluable. However, it is not just her hockey skills that shine on the pitch. After a rough start to their relationship, Brogan has managed to befriend the angriest umpire in London. It could be argued that there is has been no greater success story reflecting the medical school’s Clinical and Professional Practice teaching than seeing Mr N cracking a smile that Sunday morning in Hayes and Harlington.

Chloe Hall - Midfield

Last year’s 1st XI captain, Chloe, is one of the most valuable players on the pitch. She always puts 100% into whatever she is doing - whether it is playing hockey, studying or transporting oversized water sports equipment across the seas. Chloe’s all-round skill and dependability in central midfield are core to the team’s performance every time we play. However, her competitiveness and enthusiasm are not restricted to the pitch. This accompanied by her love of ‘Willy’s’, makes her the most avoided tour bus companion. This year a ‘special’ tour bus was ordered to try and avoid the terrifying result of Chloe + Willy.

Iram Hasan - Midfield

The RUMS rumour mill has been churning. Although it has not yet been confirmed by Iram’s agent, it has been reported that she may be leaving medicine to set up a elite pole fitness academy - ‘Iram’s Angels’. Thankfully her hockey talent is equal to that of her dancing. Winner of last season’s ‘Most Improved Player’, Iram’s skill and confidence have only continued to blossom. Her calmness and positivity at left inner are always much needed especially in big matches such as Varsity. 

Cécilia Smissaert - Midfield

Our resident non-medic, post-grad Cécilia realised she was far too much fun for UCL’s hockey team. Thankfully UCL’s loss was our gain - Cécilia’s silky skills and fiery finish have been a more than welcome addition to our midfield. The most positive member of our team is sure to give you a well-deserved pep talk at Walkabout - but beware if you’re spending your night with this lovely Belgian, you won’t be getting home before sunrise!

Josie Baker - Midfield

After being successfully stolen from RUMS Hockey Women’s 2nd team earlier in the season, this will be Josie’s debut Varsity appearance. Internationally known as ‘Big-Dog Baker’, this skilful second year has become a solid member of our midfield. If you are struggling for accommodation post-Walkabout give our generous Volunteering Sec a call and she’ll happily free up her bed for you and a partner.

Rachel Spiro - Midfield

Our only final year, Spiro has braved a Saturday evening of hockey to mentally prepare for her last set of SBA’s. This is always a relief for the younger members of the team as they can now hand off all responsibility when there are any signs of injury on the pitch. Having just escaped from weeks in the dark confounds of Basildon accommodation, please approach this final year with care. We also request that in order to prepare her for real-life scenarios she will be facing when starting FY1 in August, please accompany all questions you ask her with 5 correct multiple choice answers.

Annie Mosley - Forward

After breaking and dislocating her finger in order to save a goal at the end of last season, Annie’s commitment to RUMS hockey cannot be doubted. Her performance on the pitch can be likened to that of a Jack Russell, with unfaltering speed and enthusiasm. Annie’s psychology iBSc this year has only strengthened her fortune-telling powers. But beware, her honest nature ensures that she will have informed your parents of any upcoming romantic plans long before you are aware of them yourself. As one of this year’s Social Sec, Annie is always up for a good time - let’s hope her trip to Walkabout isn’t too exSPENCEive.

Aisha Damarell (Captain) - Forward

Aisha’s commitment to and love of hockey has led the Women’s 1st XI through a highly successful season so far. Aisha has set about to improve integration within the team by organising a fun-filled ‘serious’ hockey tour to Amsterdam, after which not even Elin could deny the team were friends. Aisha skills on pitch are incomparable and her ability to skin player after player has been consistently demonstrated this season. A true sportswoman, Aisha also spends her time working on areas in which she struggles. Hours of intense training culminated in a perfect performance in the first twelve seconds of the Varsity promotion video, there are now no doubts that she has blown away all competition for the coveted ‘Most Improved Rhythm’ award.

Izzy Norris - Forward

A dependable forward, Izzy is always on the hunt for goals. With her composure upfront, she adds confidence to our front row. Always up for a port and some deep chats, her year of jet-setting and philosophy have helped her to ‘find herself’ and reflect on ‘The Big Questions’: ‘Can the meaning of life be discovered on a perfectly watered astro?’, ‘Is a 90 degree ball ever truly 90 degrees?’ and ‘What does Asif look like without a hat?’.

Alice Dewsnip - Forward

Having grown up on a small island, it is no wonder Alice has taken a special interest in the boat club this season. Let’s hope her newfound love of lycra can give her the cutting edge needed to beat GKT’s defence. A nifty forward, we are sure Alice has the ability to avoid tackles like she avoided our ex-coaches’ advances.

Rebecca Thorne - Forward

The only first year to have joined our team this year - fresher Becca has had no trouble integrating into the club both on and off the pitch. A future paediatrician, Becca makes sure to treat the goalie bag with the same love and respect that she has for all children. With a special interest in bidets, she is the perfect date for all those Kitchen and Bathroom Conferences you are just dying to attend. Why not ask this lovely fresher if she’s keen to share a pint?

And that’s it! Please attend the Medics’ Hockey Varsity event on Saturday the 11th of March, 6:30pm, Lee Valley and Tennis Centre. Tickets are available here! See you there!