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Watch UCLU’s Clubs and Societies face off in the Annual Dodgeball Tournament on 23rd March

UCLU’s Dodgeball Society is having a fantastic year. With 108 members, they are bigger than they have ever been before and it’s showing in their competitive success. The mixed team has just graduated into League 1 of the official uni league and their women’s team has just won enough friendlies to be invited to join the sole women’s university dodgeball team in the UK. Add this to friendlies with teams from all over London every Thursday and they are a formidable force. 

Thank goodness then, that members of the society aren’t allowed to submit teams to the enormously popular, upcoming Interclub Dodgeball Tournament. The tournament allows other Clubs and Societies to register teams and compete for the coveted dodgeball crown and has proved increasingly popular since its inception. This year, the spectrum of 40 teams ranges from one from Sci-Fi Society to Rugby’s team and one from Musical Theatre Society. 

The clubs will take one another on (in full fancy dress, of course!) in a number of heats, each progressing the team that wins the best of 3, two minute rounds, to the next level. And, once the wheat have been sorted from the chaff, the remaining teams will face off in the hope of winning the best of 5, three minute rounds. This is no game for the faint hearted! But, with tickets to the UCLU Summer Masked Ball up for grabs and all proceeds (teams paid to enter) going to Cardiac Risk in the Young, it’s a honour worth fighting for. 

If you want to be a spectator to this epic showdown, all you need to do is take yourself and your best trash talk down to the Main Quad from 1-5pm on 23rd March. And, if you fancy yourself as a budding White Goodman, there will be a speed gun and leaderboard to see who has the best arm - only a 50p donation to CRY for two attempts and a prize for the winner at the end of the event!