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Here’s what you do (and don’t) need to bring with you


  • Ear plugs - just in case you decide you want an early night

  • Hangers - there aren’t any in the wardrobes when you get here

  • An extra blanket - you won’t always have control of the heating

  • Flip flops - sharing a shower? You’ll be glad you brought these

  • A door wedge - so people can say hi as they go by

  • At least one formal outfit - we do love a ball

  • An easily portable laundry basket

  • Extension lead - never not useful

Don’t bring

  • More than two sets of cutlery - otherwise, it’ll all just sit in the sink not being washed up

  • Too many extra kitchen things - wait and see what’s already there/other people brought and just buy what you’re missing

  • A printer - the ink is expensive, everyone will want to use it and library printing is fine

  • An iron - most people say they bring it but never use it