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2019 has been a fantastic year for the Union’s Arts and General Interest Societies, with countless publications, performances, events, volunteering initiatives and activities to celebrate. Over the past few weeks we have come together for the awards season to recognise the amazing achievements made by these student groups this year! 

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners who have created some amazing experiences and activities this year.

And here is a list of all the amazing winners:

Arts Winners

Arts Personality of the year – D’arcy Mcguinness

Best Contributor to the Arts – Stage Crew Society, Cameron Pollaers

Best Contributor to the Media – Cheese Grater Magazine Society, Peter Fitzsimons

Best Individual Performance - Musical Theatre Society - Sephora Parish Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd, 

Best Bloomsbury Production - Live Music Society, Rhapsody

Best Design - Stage Crew Society, Rhapsody 2019- Lighting

Best Event – Non-Performance - Folk and World Music Society, St Patrick’s Day Ceilidh

Best Event – Performance - Drama Society, The B in the Room

Best Garage - Guitar Society, Guitarnival

Best Media Piece - Cheese Grater Magazine Society, ‘“Brushing colonialism under the carpet”? Will the Eugenics Inquiry learn from past mistakes?’

Best Publication - Cheese Grater Magazine Society

Diversity and Inclusion Award - Jazz Society

Most Developed Arts Society – Folk and World Music Society

Arts Society of the Year - Stage Crew Society

Volunteering Society of the Year – Jazz Society

But that’s not all! You can see the full list of winners in our Roll of Honour