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It’s in the name - we’re the Union for you, we’re your Students’ Union. We’re a bit different from other organisations you’ll meet because we’re led by students. Here are the seven students elected this March to lead the Union for a year. In March 2021 you’ll get to be part of the change and elect the new leaders of the Union - you might even become one yourself.  

Previous Sabbatical Officers have been drivers of big change. They’ve increased mental health funding, made sure fees remain fixed for international students and have helped tackle the bloody reality of period poverty on campus with free sanitary products in all Union facilities.

Here’s the faces you need to look out for this year: 

Ilyas Benmouna - Activities Officer

With 360 clubs and societies, the Activities Officer is there to make sure you can easily pursue your hobbies and interests outside of your lectures. 

“Taking part in such a wide range of societies led me to [learn] a lot about the ins and outs of how the union works, allowing me to know what it really takes to make a change!”

Read what Ilyas plans to improve for Clubs and Societies

Sandy Ogundele - Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer

BME students are often the hardest hit by higher education cuts, austerity, strict immigration controls, socio-economic instability. As BME Officer, Sandy will be working to alleviate these issues.

This year has taught me a lot about what can be achieved and how students can make sustained change at UCL, and I want to spend the next year building on the lessons I have learnt, the work that I have done and continue to fight for BME students at UCL. 

Read Sandy’s manifesto here

Carol Paige - Democracy, Operations and Change Officer

The DOC Officer brings about positive change through politics. They’re responsible for the Union’s commercial ventures and defend student interests in the local community.

I want to utilise the skills and knowledge that I’ve built up this year to improve the UCL student experience in significant ways.

What changes will Carol be making this year? Find out by reading her manifesto. 

Ayman Benmati - Education Officer

As Education Officer, Ayman represents your academic needs to UCL. Got issues with exam timetabling, tuition fees, or anything else related to your education? Ayman is your go-to. 


We study at a world-class institution, but it honestly doesn’t feel that sometimes… I want to make it so that we can shape our own education!

Ayman’s planning to do a lot to make your education better. You can read his full manifesto here.

Jim Onyemenam - Postgraduate Students’ Officer

The Postgraduate Students’ Officer works to tackle issues faced by Postgraduates. Jim will be working to make sure PG’s are truly involved in UCL life and feel a part of the community at UCL. To keep up to date with PG life at the Union, follow our UCL Postgrads Facebook page.


Hi! I’m Jim and I’m your current Postgraduate Students’ Officer! I aim to continue a lot of the work I have done over the past year which includes opening up the PGTA Code of Practise, a Postgraduate Welcome Fair and more…

What are Jim’s plans for Postgraduates? Read his manifesto here. 

Yasmeen Daoud - Welfare and International Officer

The Welfare and International Officer works to ensure you have a safe and welcoming environment at UCL, and represents the needs of international students at all levels.


I will focus on 3 core aspects: safe spaces, research, and support of international students.

Read Yasmeen’s manifesto here.

Aarushi Menon - Women’s Officer

As Women’s Officer, Nilisha ensures that the Union works with the university and the local community to protect students from all forms of discrimination.



I genuinely want to improve the lives of women at UCL. I will deliver better mental health communication across UCL, better environments for trans and non-binary students, and a robust support structure for coming forward about harassment.

How is Aarushi planning to integrate students in the margins of society, especially women? Read her manifesto to find out. 

Although these seven faces represent you on the highest levels, we’ve got hundreds of reps representing you in your halls, departments and courses. We have representation for those who self-define as women, LGBT+, BME and disabled. We represent postgraduate, international and medical students. Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing here, chances are there’ll be someone you can talk to to get your views heard - or an opportunity to stand and be elected yourself.