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2020 Mandy Walker Games

This year on June 6, the Mandy Walker games is going to look different to any year before. Due to the current government advice we have decided to reel in the years a different way. 

On the 6th of June we want to you to share a photo of you representing TeamUCL. We want alumni to bring us back to the golden era of footballs that weigh 3kgs, hockey pitches that are made entirely of grit, rugby jerseys that are three sizes too big for anyone and more. We also want current students to show our alumni what TeamUCL looks like today! Share your photos and tag @teamucl and @uclalumni on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Given the good spirit of the Mandy Walker Games and the money we raise for Meningitis Now! on the day, post a receipt of a donation (big or small) with your post on social media. 

The Mandy Walker Games: Annual Alumni Sports Day
Usually the first Saturday in June. 

What is the Mandy Walker Games?

The Mandy Walker Games is an annual sporting tradition that sees UCL sporting alumni return to compete against the current students. We keep score, total up the number of wins and present either the UCL Students or UCL Alumni with a trophy.

2018 saw the 30th anniversary of The Mandy Walker Games. The event, open to all UCL alumni, is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends. A great day whether you’re on the pitch, supporting from the side-lines or taking part in post-match celebrations in the Phineas Bar.

The Mandy Walker Games were created in honour of a former student, hockey player and sports officer (1985-1986) who tragically passed away shortly after her graduation. Her friends created the games in her memory and the event is a charitable fundraiser for Meningitis Now. 

What is the format of the day?

In the late morning/afternoon sporting fixtures take place across of variety of sports in a variety of locations. Transport is usually provided. There are BBQs, Sun (we hope) and a chance to enjoy some post exam sport.

The sport can take whatever format works best for your club. Hockey usually hold two/three full size matches, football run a mixed 5 a side tournament open to all, women’s rugby usually play touch- it’s all about reconnecting with your alumni and having fun.

Everyone then reconvenes in The Phineas for post-match drinks and a chance to socialise (and remind the old boys and girls what a sports night is all about). We total up the number of wins and present the trophy to the UCL Students or UCL Alumni. 

Why run this event?

As well as being a brilliant charity fundraiser, this is an incredible opportunity to connect/re-connect with old club members and friends.

Remember that one day you will be part of this ‘alumni’ and wouldn’t you all like a great sporting event to come back to. 

How can I get involved?

The event is open to anyone to get involved in. So, if you think you can attract your alumni to return to UCL to take you on then why not join in this year’s event?

If your club is interested in getting involved please contact Neal Hickey