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Update 2 April: Some other private providers have taken the same decision not to charge students who vacate their accommodation before Term 3. Please see the updates listed below:

University of London Halls of Residence / UNITE / Liberty Living / iQ / Scape

Update 31 March: We have been working with UCL to agree that students who have chosen to remain in shared-facility halls are safely relocated to halls with en-suite facilities, enabling them to self-isolate. This move improves the safety of students, resident advisors, and cleaning staff.

Update 27 March: Students in UNITE managed halls of residence will not be charged for term three if they choose to leave their contracts early.

Update 20 March: UCL have taken the decision not to charge accommodation fees for students who will not be living in UCL halls in Term 3. This applies to those residents who have already checked out from 13 March or are planning on checking out by 25 April. Read more.

Originally, UCL’s position was that it will not give refunds to students who want to leave their UCL Accommodation contract early and to return home. We absolutely disagreed with this approach and wrote to the Provost to ask for this decision to be reversed. We’re in constant communication with UCL Accommodation and will continue to work on this matter.